Arik Gilbert

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Arik Gilbert is listed as “Athlete” on 247. Are we “definitely” recruiting him at TE? He also has some impressive highlights at DE? Can he throw the ball – has he ever played the QB position?

Tiger likely covered these questions, but I couldn’t find it in the “search” function.


  • PolynikesPolynikes Posts: 1,115 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    That kid is a freak athlete and needs to play TE. If he can block he could potentially be a 1st rounder.

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    Any school that wants Arik will have to recruit him as a TE. His ceiling looks higher as a DE/OLB currently, but his heart is set on TE. He’s not a natural pass catcher, fights the ball at times, and has struggled with ball security last year. That said, all fixable with extensive time on the jug machine. Arik will be the most athletic TE to ever come through UGA, he has potential to be the best to ever do it between the hedges.

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    Yeah, I could definitely c he and Dwan Mathis developing terrific chemistry together in time and with Blaylock in the slot, and the likes of George Pickens, Tommy Bush, Makiya Tounge and Kearis Jackson, then Yeah, Arik Gilbert would b a great addition to that group.

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    He’s my favorite recruit for next season. Seems a waste to play him at TE, but he’s so good he can call his own shots.

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    I agree with you @Bigcalidawg. Seems like a waste to play an athlete that good at tight end. I guess he's never looked at the NFL contracts of tight ends vs DEs.

    My son is about to start his freshman year and the recruiting process as a 6'5" tight end. Will probably be a pretty good tight end prospect. He's actually athletic enough and big enough to be a pretty good high school DE but I seriously doubt he will be athletic enough to be a DE recruit/prospect.

    Arik seems to athletic to be a TE.

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    He wants to be a TE and we're loaded at OLB, maybe a little less so at DE but hopefully 2020 will fix that, so this seems like a perfect fit.

    Does he have the charisma/personality to play the pied piper Lecounte/Smith role? I'm counting chickens but feels like he will be a Dawg.

  • UGADAWG4LifeUGADAWG4Life Posts: 79 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Kid is a UGA Dawg all the way . Marietta High has some elite prospects this year

  • JeffSentellJeffSentell Posts: 2,923 admin

    Wants to be a TE. Clear priority.

    Understands that he'd have a higher professional earning ceiling as a DE/OLB but would still rather catch passes.

    The 5-star's heart wants what it wants, I guess. Can't fault him for that. Being an elite player in college football is hard enough when you choose a position and your heart is just not in it.

    Think the Bulldogs need to throw the ball to the TE more in 2019 to eventually earn (potentially) and then maintian this pledge.

    Gilbert is in the stages of researching his decision. Reminds me of where Holloman was at once. AG wore the following at a recent workout:

    a) Michigan sweatshirt

    b) Tennnessee Vol shirt underneath

    c) UGA gloves

    Not sure if a pair of Ohio State socks or Clemson wristbands also rounded out the gear.

    DISCLAIMER: The gear a recruit wears matters little. It really does. Just something to catch the fan's attention and earn tweets.

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