5 questions with Georgia's newest tight end ....

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Eli Wolf is a mature guy, and he comes from a great family. His answers provide some insight into his role and the Georgia locker room: https://dawgs.us/2MWH9E5


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    Interesting to hear Fromm and Woerner were duck hunting together. I could be wrong, but I don't think Nauta had that kind of relationship with our QB. Expect Woerner to have a big year.

    Thrilled to have a quality guy like Wolf in the mix as well.

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    Nauta was pretty close with Eason. I don’t think it matters much, in a group the size of the UGA football team, some guys are going to share more in common than with others. As long as they all share the same goal for the team and work together, things will be fine.

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    Would love nothing more than to have Woerner at TE and Wolf at FB on the same play. Two capable threats.

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    pumped to have the young man and great article

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