ConnerRiley Article: Root for Fields Like Eason?

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The title^^ is what I got from today’s article. A few comments. Fromm did not “ursurp” the job from Eason. There is no reasonable comparison between Eason and ykw. Eason was a starter and a sophomore. He left honorably and without a cloud. Furthermore Eason did not cause drama prior to leaving. Apologies if someone posted prior to this as I was interrupted.



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    I don't have any problem with Fields leaving. As others have said, using the race card disturbs me. However, he is: 1- only a teenager with a brain that is years from maturing (mid 20's for males), 2- a millennial who is impatient and expects rewards immediately, and 3- an elite athlete that expects to play and perform at a high level.

    As a 60 year old man I can honestly say that perhaps I made a few mistakes when I was young. Why, then, would I wish ill on a young man whose "mistakes" are so much less (& understandable) than mine.

    Go, Mr. Fields! Have a great career and better life. I am definitely rooting for you!

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    Can someone point me to confirmed information about where JF labeled the UGA as a hostile place?

    Not specialtion but a concrete information.

    Furthermore, let’s be real, it’s Athens... If you think it’s all jolly and happy there without some hostilities present you’re being willfully ignorant

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    I’ve never heard other players complain about racism.

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    That isn’t Athens. That is just life. Even my small little town has some negative pop up here and there

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    Correction - it’s is both Athens AND life.

    Your small town, in additon to Athens and life, includes possible/pockets of racism.

    Just because it happens everywhere doesn’t mean you get to exclude the locale that is specific to JF and his argument...

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    so because you’ve never heard people complain... it doesn’t exist?

    You do see how this is flawed logic, right?

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    Slow news day I guess.

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    I'll take Eason articles over Fields any day.

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    We were almost done with this... thanks conner riley

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