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I pretty sure I already did a thread on this but with the recent additions I’ve decided to start up a new one. Names such as Jeremiah Holloman, Demetris Robertson, Tyler Simmons, Kearis Jackson, Dominick Blaylock, Trey Blount, Tommy Bush, Matt Landers, Makiya Tongue, Lawrence Cager, George Pickens.

With the recent additions how do y’all feel about the WR group and who will be key in getting us back to the NATTY?


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    Lindsey Scott.

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    Holloman and Simmons will be the starters in Georgia's base offense at least to start, but my guess, even if Pickens does get to campus (unless he does so in June, then it could be a different story) that the top 4 wideouts this go around will be (in order):




    Kearis Jackson

    Simmons will continue to be a key role player but won't break out into a major contributor. He'll catch 15 passes and continue to block like a maniac and play well on ST.

    I'd like to see more of trying to find the mismatch with Robertson, it was not done enough with Hardman.

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    I originally posted this in the Cager thread a few days ago, but it fits better here.


    Cager is a great addition and will definitely get some red zone targets.

    I think Holloman is the real deal. Wouldn't be surprised to see him lead the team with 800 yds and 8 TD's. 

    I have high hopes for D-Rob but zero expectations. 

    We have crazy depth with Simmons, Jackson, Bush, Landers, Blount. Not enough balls in the air to keep all those guys happy, but I guess it's a good problem to have.

    Honestly don't see how the freshmen can break into the rotation, unless one of them turns out to be a generational player (like AJ Green).


    Would add that I agree with @GeorgiaGirl that Simmons has earned the right to be the other starter alongside Holloman, at least for week one.

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    @AnotherDawg good post. I would absolutely expect Blaylock to break the lineup, as a freshman, mid-late season. He will be a problem in the slot or Z position. I’d pick him to start if he were on campus right now.

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    If Pickens qualifies and is healthy, both he Blaylock and Tounge r gonna b given every opportunity to make an impact from day 1. Tongue, due to his size and physicality and due to the fact that he played defense in HS should excel on STs as Hankton coaches him up on the finer points of playing WR. Georgia needs a #1 and Pickens, though just a Freshman, has every characteristic u want in a #1. Holloman or Roberson MAY lead the team in TD receptions but Pickens, with his large frame and catch radius could b our #1 by years end and a reason for Jake Fromm to want to come back for his Senior season.

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    I think Jake is very, very happy to be a Dawg!! This team has the potential to be the 'perfect storm'. Top 5 offense and defense.

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    Thanks boss. I have a lot of confidence in him as well. Actually, if you flip my comment upside down and read between the lines, what I was saying is that I think he might be a generational player. 😀

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    Run Lindsay! Looks a lot different when he has a walker. JK, I’m sure he’s in great shape.

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    Unless it was really Kirby tying Chaney's hands, I expect the WR room to shine this year under the new OC. Chaney is certainly a competent OC, but his weakness at UGA was using the WR's to pressure defenses. Admittedly, he had TF QBs ~67% of his time at UGA. We just weren't pressuring defenses vertically under Chaney. It turns out the weakness of Bama in '18 was their young secondary, and Clemson's staff saw that and took it to the bank. Riley, of all people, didn't see it until it was too late, despite my prediction that he would see it and attack it early. We saw it in the first half and then tried to beat them up the middle in the 3rd qtr.

    Georgia has the most talented group of WRs I can remember. It isn't even close. I just hope Coley cuts them loose. BTW, that will also set our running game on fire as teams back players out of the box due to our deadly passing game.

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    I really want to see Coley open things up verticaly

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    Whats up with Matt Landers, Tommy Bush and Trey Blount? No way for these guys to make an impact? Were they all busts?

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    May just be better players ahead of them. Doesn't make them a bust. And Bush hasn't even been in Athens 10 months.

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    And the other two have been on campus about a year and a half. Why do some folks always expect all 85 players to be making an impact before they're even an upperclassmen? Not to mention we had some pretty good receivers in front of them.

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