Heres to nick chubb beating out a woman abuser next year

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The Cleveland browns in their infinite wisdom have signed notorious woman beater Kareem hunt for next year, after they had chubb rush for 1000 yards in 9 starts. What more does this kid have to do to prove himself?



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    I'm in favor of Hunt getting a second chance somewhere, since the NFL has no consistency or credibility on this issue, but I share your disappointment that he's headed to Cleveland. Makes ZERO sense. Lots of better places for him to go (e.g. HOU, BAL, PHI, TB, BUF, NYJ).

    The good news is, Chubb will win the job, because he is better than Hunt. Andy Reid's system makes all RB's look good. That's why KC didn't miss a beat when Damien Williams became the starter, even though he did nothing his first four years at MIA.

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    It says Hunt has a 6-8 game suspension so it will hardly impact Chubb and it's only a 1 year deal

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    Never got the impression Nick was terribly fond of the Browns. And I’m sure he loved it when he heard this one,

    But no doubt he’ll try to make the best of it.

    i look forward to him playing for a different team before too long.

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    I don't know the exact numbers, but I do know what my eyes showed me and that was that KC's offense was not nearly as good once Hunt got cut. With Kareem Hunt, they would have beat the Patriots. Also, weeks 1-11 they average 37 points a game going 9-2, weeks 13-17 (they cut Hunt week 12) they averaged 32 points a game and went 3-2. Say what you want but, Kareem Hunt is a difference maker

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    Huh, what impression, if any; did Chubb give to express he WASN'T fond of being apart of the Browns?

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    It’s nothing he’s ever said (at least that I’m aware of), but the look on his face when he was drafted was less than enthusiastic.

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    Yea, I don't think that's the case. Anyway, killer year for Nick and finally things are looking up for that franchise. That's what makes this move by the Browns so strange...bad press for a team that was riding a wave of positivity into the '19 season.

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    I don't think he is a "notorious woman beater." Man imagine if the world never gave anyone second chances. Crazy thing is it helps Chubb. Hunt is out 6 weeks and Duke Johnson isn't a spell relief back. Chubb will be able to have a guy in hunt back him similar to Sony.

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    Watch the video. Sometimes there is gray area but Kareem hunt beat and kicked the **** out of that girl and a video was released to the public. No gray area here, Just like Ray rice IMO

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    He was wrong but, you watched the wrong video. He pushed her, and just graced her on his missed kick. Yes he intended on kicking her harder and just missed and yes you never put hands on a woman. However, this situation is much less intense than the Rice situation. So I believe he should recieve a much less punishment. 6-8 game suspension is perfect to me

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    I look forward to Chubb playing for the Falcons when his rookie contract ends.

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    @Dawg4Life912 I agree with you that KC's offense slowed late in the year, but I stand by my assessment of Hunt as a player. I follow the NFL closely and I'm a bit of a Chiefs fan. Here's a look at the RB production during Reid's tenure:

    2018: Hunt averages 109 yards and 1.3 TD's per game over 11 starts. After Hunt's suspension, Williams averages 114 yards and 1.6 TD's over 5 starts.

    2017: Spencer Ware goes down with a preseason injury. Hunt is **** into the starting role as a rookie and puts up 1,782 yards and 11 TD's.

    2016: Spencer Ware assumes the starting role and totals 1,368 yards.

    2015: Charles goes down in Game 5 with (effectively) a career-ending injury. Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware share starting duties the rest of the way, combining for 1,256 yards and 11 TD's in 11 starts.

    2013-14: Jamaal Charles averages 1,652 yards (and totals 33 TD's) over two seasons.


    In addition to all of that, Williams and Ware both averaged more yards per carry than Hunt last year.

    If the NFL lets him play, Hunt may be a solid back up to Chubb, but he's not the same caliber.

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    Maybe Chubb can have some positive influence on Hunt; Not in just football, but in life, too.

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    Hey! I found a new word forbidden by the site...


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    I think you should watch the video. He did push her (though he pushed the other guy and he flew into the woman) and he then kicked her softly. If you think thats a "kick the sh!t" out of some one then wow! But end of the day what he did was wrong but thats it. NFL suspended him 6 games, the law did what they did. After that its over. Let him move on from his past mistakes. I heard his side and get it (his actions to proceed it had been wrong), I heard her side and understand as well, and I also hear the media's side and dont agree. He is a child of God. I forgive him and he recieved his punishment.

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    On the lighter side, a comedy (sometimes inappropriately so) based news aggregator site I frequent cast this as:

    "Browns hire new, high-profile kicker"

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  • RPMdawgRPMdawg Posts: 1,332 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
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    Most teams have two backs anyway. Chubb is better than Hunt. He works his ass off and he keeps his head down. It will all work out for Chubb.

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    I don't know or understand what's it's like to be a black male in this country I must admit because of my white man privilege that I'm fortunate to have. To be called the N word by a female who then hit the male 1st after calling him the N word is a terrible thing to be faced with because no matter what that black male shall do he is in a no win situation in this country. It reminds me of the J Say situation with Beyonce's sister Solange in the elevator when she spit, hit, and kicked him in the elevator in the police didn't do anything but if he would have hit her one-time or spit on her he would have went to jail and would have been deemed a monster in this country because he's a black male. Most on this site who are saying these things about this guy are mostly white males who don't & won't ever have to work in the shoes of a black alphalete and walk in the shoes of a black male in this country so you can say the derogatory things that you say when things like this happen and not holding the female accountable for her actions. May God be with us all.

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    Could be a great 1-2 punch

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    There was a video where a bunch of the 17 class that went to the NFL was doing some presser or event. Everyone was saying their name and their NFL team. Nick was the only one that said "currently with..." or something similar to that effect. If I recall correctly, I think this was before the season though. His opinion might have changed after the type of season they had. Nick and Baker (who room together I believe) really had something going there.

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    The man should be able to work if they want to hire wasn't abuse .The hooker should've left his room when asked and got what she had coming calling him the n-word and hitting and spitting on him.thay video wasnt a good look tho.

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    As far as law and his intentions... they were clear, as is the law...

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    Hunt was cut for lying, Not what happened in the video. I didn’t watch the video but heard what happened in it. He should be given a second chance. He and Chubb are different kinds of backs who will be a great tandem.

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    The same Ray Rice who the woman now who is his wife that spit & slapped him multiple times & these accounts were told by who seen her do these things to him. But he was the only 1 held accountable for his actions & lost his career & everyone looking at him like he started everything & he is a monster. The total BS

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    It's simple. Never put hands on a woman, ever. If she treats you like sh*t, ditch the *****. Never hit her. Take the high road. Btw, there are men of all races who don't grasp this simple concept. They should all be considered monsters, especially those so physically superior to the woman they oppose.

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    This is such an old school Browns move. Hey guys, we're finally making progress, let's bring in a woman beating gangsta to spice things up..cause we can't tolerate decency and success up in here.

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    Nick Chubb is a hard working team-first kind of human being.

    He will flourish wherever he is!

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