Rico Powers

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Have seen him in a lot of mock classes lately but he recently “withdrew” from his highschool and I don’t believe he will have an opportunity to be a part of our class anymore. Not trying to spread rumors or kick a young man while he’s down but from what someone told me it doesn’t sound like he will be heavily recruited by us anymore. Hope everything works out for him and he can get everything straightened out.


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    Where did you see / hear this ?

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    There’s an article today on The Savannah Morning News website where the Benedictine coach announced that Powers withdrew from the school on Friday, no word on his plans for next school or reason for leaving BC.

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    Thanks guys for the info

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    I used to live in Savannah. Benedictine is a private school and is expensive. He may have had to withdraw because of cost. Might not be anything bigger than that. However the public schools can be pretty rough so hopefully he can stay out of trouble if he does have to go to public school there.

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    Elite athletes do not pay to attend private high schools. They are given scholarships to be there.

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    Sports aren't that big a deal down there. We don't have enough talent to be compeitive on the State Level so not much money goes into the programs. If BC had the money they would pull in the good players surrounding Savannah but they don't. LeCounte, Walthour, Nolan Smith, Nick Fitzgerald are all from within a 45 min drive of BC and none of them got free rides. Not trying to argue just saying what its like there

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    have a friend in that area and from what I was told it was not over cost or anything. One of those situations where an incident occurred and the school decided he needed to “withdrawal”. Don’t see him having a spot after all this.

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    I went to Benedictine. It had nothing to do with cost. Think Gibbs...

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    I will say rico is a great kid and i

    Just not very accurate tbh

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    Insight on private school scholarships:

    there is the “goal” scholarship which allows you to pay your state taxes to a private school instead of to the state. (At least I know that was the rule as many as 10 years ago)

    These funds can be used to help less fortunate kids attend the private school... surprisingly enough, every time it seems that the “random” kids end up being really good athletes... lol

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    Agreed it should be legal. Not on a high school campus by a minor, though.

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    From what I read on hudl, his football resume is impressive. While I know little else about him, the respect I have for the discipline it takes to achieve his status, he has the opportunity to recover from this mistake. Hopefully, he play his senior year somewhere and continue to learn from his mistake.

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    I don’t know how big an effect the incident itself will have on his recruitment, but not being in the Benedictine program could definitely hurt him. No other school in the Savannah area has a program near as good as BC’s, their coaches do a good job and they are better funded than the public schools. Haven’t heard where he’s going next, but will be a downgrade unless he goes to IMG or another school outside of Savannah.

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