At Second Glance: More observations about Georgia’s stirring win at Notre Dame by Seth Emerson

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Terry Godwin's great catch makes a point about his development as a receiver, and perhaps that of Mecole Hardman.

@sethemerson wrote:

Each week during the season, we re-watch that week’s Georgia football game in order to gain more insight, observations and just plain make sure we didn’t miss anything. This week there was nothing quite like being inside Notre Dame Stadium, where Bulldogs fans basically took over and watched their team pull out a 20-19 victory. But after navigating travel issues and a hurricane, this reporter watched the TV version of the game. Here are some observations:

Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy really start to emerge in the second half. That’s when Carter in particular kept making plays. Their collective first half was more quiet. It seems that Georgia’s entire defensive strategy eventually wore down Notre Dame’s blockers, and that’s when Carter and Bellamy pounced, their athleticism proving dominant.

The underrated play of the game may have been midway through the third quarter, a first down when Bellamy ran around Notre Dame left tackle Mike McGlinchy, applying pressure to force an incompletion. Notre Dame was driving, and a touchdown there would have made it 20-10. Instead the drive stalled after that play.

What’s so impressive about those two guys is that on that final series, Georgia was rushing four-on-five, saving its numbers for the back end — and Bellamy and Carter still broke through.

But the takeaway from watching is the number of Georgia defensive players who deserve plaudits.

Roquan Smith was so good. No. 3 was seemingly always on the screen, wherever you saw the ball going. That’s just football intelligence, a nose for the ball, whatever you want to call it, Smith has it. An example: On a rare occasion when Irish quarterback Brandon Wimbush did fool Georgia’s front with a handoff, Smith was the one player who saw the call and raced to the sideline, bringing Wimbush down for a short gain.

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    Great analysis. Touched all the bases. But I probably think it was so great because it's generally what I was thinking. Didn't see anything I dsiagreed with, Although Seth added several things as well as much more detail.

    The big thing Seth added is all the formations Chaney ran. I assume that's more different formation than the average OC calls? Chaney is calling those different formations to try to move the defense around and get a guy open? Didn't work. I don't remember a single play where it looked like the ND offense was fooled and somebody was wide open. The best play call was the long drop Mecole had. The drop ruined it. But nobody was expecting that. So Chaney still gets credit for it. Chaney did his part creating the opportunity.

    And particularly odd Chaney didn't call all those shotgun formations last year, when people were begging him to because Eason was obviously more comfortable that way. Chaney did admit that was a mistake though, so let's move on.

    More so than fooling people, Chaney's style of play seems to end up being "my guy against your guy, let's see who wins." And the Irish d-line was holding against the run decent. So Chaney moved to the passing game. I think that's why Chubb and Michel got not as many touches.

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    My guy vs your guy is good -matchups - when you have the best guys. Right now I guess we lose some of those match-ups?

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    Yeah rewatched the game again tonight and Seth you're spot on about the big plays by Walter Grant and JR Reed to stop some critical 3rd down plays.

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    We have to thank Dan Quinn for not only getting us to a SB, but for also hiring Coach Ulbrich. If he doesn't hire Ulbrich, Roquan Smith goes to UCLA (remember that saga?) and we are all wondering "what if?"

    Thanks again, Coach Quinn!

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