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I don't know if y'all got the chance to watch the Auburn/Clemson game since it was on during our game or if y'all have gone back to watch the highlights, but did y'all see where Jarrett Stidham was sacked 11 TIMES?! At first, I was hoping that this was just Auburn O-line was terrible, and it could be a marker that we could judge our O-line against, but this time I don't mind being wrong. I think this is a combination of Clemson's defense being that good and Stidham's inexperience. Let me know what y'all think.

I've attached a link to an article where Richard Johnson from SB Nation breaks down every sack with gifs for our viewing enjoyment:


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    Unfortunately, I think it was more about Clemson’s D Line, they are legit, imo. I was hoping FSU would overtake Clemson in the ACC, but at this point (only 2 games into the season), I don’t think that’s going to happen. Clemson may not have the offense they had last season, but I believe their D is actually better than last season. This being said, there is still a lot of football to be played. We’ll see.

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    I think they are going to have some serious issues with our def too.
    Who is their option after stidham?

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    Watching the film, when there are more orange jerseys around your QB than white, what is the expected result? Again, Clemson’s D is legit.

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    @tiger_62082 said:
    Stidham does have a tendency to hold onto the football a little too long, but that Clemson defensive line is monstrous. You cannot blame Jarrett for the vast majority of those sacks. Auburn could've had Vince Young at QB along with Reggie Bush and Todd Gurley in their backfield and they still wouldn't have done anything with how poorly their OL played. Another tell tale sign of how good Clemson is along the front is that that gimmicky high school option offense that Georgia Tech runs has run into a stone wall against the Tigers in recent years. Before they recruited well there, Tech would have its moments but not anymore. In other words, I wouldn't put too much stock in Stidham based off of that game. It's a but like saying that Stanford is going to dominate the Pac12 after beating Rice by 55 points.

    I thought that he was holding on to the ball for too long too, but I think it was a combination of blitzes and Clemson's secondary covering all of Stidham's receivers. Still, every time he tried to run he got nowhere and the times he did attempt to throw the ball away many of them did not make it past the line of scrimmage, which is his fault.

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    @bmauldin said:
    I think they are going to have some serious issues with our def too.
    Who is their option after stidham?

    Next man up is returning starter Sean White. He's suspended until game 4, but would likely be the next QB after Stidham.

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    I've long said that Stidham is overrated. Considering that he was an early Heisman contender, I'd say I was right - BUT, I'd also say that given the limited amount we've actually gotten to see him play, and the fact that his O-line absolutely failed him against Clemson, I concede that we still haven't seen enough of what he, himself, is capable of. I thought Clemson would be the game where he was able to prove/disprove himself, but his O-line didn't even afford him that shot on Saturday.

    That said, I still contend the man will be proven to be overrated. Certainly not the savior of Gus Malzahn's offensive woes. I think they'd be doing just as well with Sean White as QB. I think they'll figure it out and improve over the course of the season, but I still don't think Stidham should be ranked over Nick Chubb (ESPN.)

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    Stidham will not make it past game 6. He is way overrated based on limited playing time and will be beaten up by the mid-point of the season.

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