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Who's ready to hang out through it all today?

Of note: There is an official time out there for Nick Cross today. He will sign at a 2:15 PM ceremony today from his school.



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    The road map for today. ......

    12 PM: 4-star ATH Mark-Anthony Richards (Wellington/W. Palm Beach, Fla.)
    *Nation's No. 4 ATH and No. 90 overall prospect
    * Says he will choose from a pool of Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Miami and Penn State
    * UGA got the last in-home visit but Auburn remains the favorite here

    1 PM: 4-star CB Kaiir Elam (The Benjamin School/N. Palm Beach, Fla.)
    * Nation's No. 6 CB and No. 48 overall prospect
    * Has essentially been down to Florida and Georgia for some time
    * Father played seven years in the NFL; His uncle Matt is a former Florida DB
    * Signing Elam and current FSU commit Nick Cross would represent the best possible close for the Bulldogs on National Signing Day

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    1 PM: 4-star OT Javonne Shepherd (North Forest/Houston, Tex.)

    • Nation's No. 28 OT prospect and No. 338 overall
    • Current Texas commit who is expected to stay in-state with the Longhorns or Texas A&M
    • Gave a pair of late official visits to both Alabama and Georgia

    1:30 PM: 3-star TE Brett Seither (Clearwater Central/Clearwater, Fla.)

    • Nation's No. 33 TE prospect
    • Reports have him down to Alabama and Georgia
    • Did not play varsity football until the 2017 season
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    2:15 PM: 4-star S Nick Cross (DeMatha Catholic/Hyattsville, Md.)

    • Nation's No. 4 safety and No. 55 overall prospect on the 247Sports composite
    • Cross is committed to FSU but could flip to Georgia, Maryland or Penn State
    • Clocked an astounding indoor 6.33 showing in the 60 meters this winter
    • The Bulldogs are not seen as the flip favorite here, though

    Targets who have not announced a specific announcement time on Wednesday: 4-star WR Jonathan Mingo

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    So...... who's the one player you'd like to see the Bulldogs close with today?

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    @JeffSentell said:
    So...... who's the one player you'd like to see the Bulldogs close with today?

    Definitely Kair Elam but if we’re talking anybody I’d go with Shopsher.

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    i'd be very happy with the TE

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    @JeffSentell said:
    So...... who's the one player you'd like to see the Bulldogs close with today?

    Cross for me

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    @Muffingod said:

    @JeffSentell said:
    Posted this in another thread. Wanted to make sure to share it here as well.....

    Analsyis and all that

    FSU is down. Miami is down. With that, Florida has really cleaned up in-state in the 2019 cycle.

    The Gators have signed ......

    • 0 of the top 5 players in Florida this cycle (UGA signed two.)
    • 0 of the top 10 players in Florida this cycle (Elam is still out there, though)
    • 1 of the top 15 players in Florida this cycle (Elam and MAR are still out there)
    • 2 of the top 20 players in Florida this cycle (UGA has signed three with a chance at five)
    • 2 of the top 30 players in Florida this cycle (UGA has signed four with a chance at six)

    How should one of the BullGators feel about that? How might they explain that? Especially when the Gators only had the nation's No. 14 class in 2018.

    • FSU also only has one of the top 15 players in Florida this cycle but six of the top 30.
    • Miami also only has one of the top 10, one of the top 20 and three of the top 30.
    • Alabama has also nabbed two of the top 5, four of the top 10 and five of the top 30.

    This is some dang good research Jeff!

    (Jeff might be telling us sumting with the way he spelled "analysis". Hint: Give the 'y' a 'ya' sound.) 😉

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    @JeffSentell said:
    Most likely to pick UGA today: Brett Seither and Kaiir Elam
    Least likely to pick UGA today: Javonne Shepherd
    What if UGA goes O-for-NSD today?: Very possible. Don't rule it out.
    Best possible close for UGA today: Nick Cross and Kaiir Elam
    Second-best possible close for UGA today: (Real talk): Elam only
    Third-best possible close for UGA today: (Real talk): 0-for-NSD
    Most likely to make a surprise decision today: Nick Cross

    Why is MAR even listed iif our 3rd best possible finish is 0’fer, and he’s not in either of the other options?

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    Analysis and all that - cannot recollect a post that I more enjoyed, thanks Jeff

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    Who's ready to hang out through it all today? Good schedule info. I now can predict at what times I will stretch my legs and go get coffee or water.

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    Something to think about, Part I: The Bulldogs picked up 4-star TE Ryland Goede as their seventh commitment for the 2018 class on National Signing Day in February up 2018.

    As a means of comparison, there are only three commitments in the 2019 class heading into today. Seems like a more deliberate pace with the 2020 class. Clearly. That's even with the recent Brinson de-commitment.

    It looks like Kirby and his staff learns something new every cycle. Why do I say that? Well, the Bulldogs saw four of their first 2019 commitments eventually drift out of the class.

    Jadon Haselwood was the only one of those that the Bulldogs considered an elite target when all was said and done.

    Those four pledges were all in-state commits at that. Very interesting.

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    Something to think about, Part II: It wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Bulldogs pick up a commitment for the 2020 or 2021 class sometime soon.

    There are currently zero public commitments for the 2021 class.

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    Would like to see us sign Elam. Would also be fine if we signed nobody for 2019 class but added Wolfe and Cager as transfers. Cager’s value would depend on his blocking ability/willingness, no need to get him for one year if he doesn’t see the field because of his lack of blocking (see Robertson). Would take Seither, could still sign two more TE’s in 2020 class with Woerner and Wolfe leaving.

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    There's an active "gotcha" thread that on the board which bemoans the lack of in-state recruiting oomph for UGA this year.

    It brings to mind the Bulldogs have seven de-commitments this year, including five of those from the state of Georgia. It is fair to say that all but two were essentially "cut the line" recruits for this class.

    It now makes more sense for this staff to get the best players than to show force it can lock down the state of Georgia every year.

    Get the nation's best players. As many as we can sign.

    That could be a T-shirt for this staff in Athens.

    Fun with math here: Georgia has seen 26 of its former commitments drop from the class over the four cycles so far now of the Kirby Smart era. It is a little skewed, to be honest. I'd label seven of those guys in that lot as casualties of the Richt-to-Smart transition.

    A couple of those de-commits (Adam Anderson and Latavious Brini) who originally committed to Smart's Georgia did actually return to the fold at that.

    But there were 14 in-state targets among those. That's 14 of the 26 de-commits no matter how we file them away.

    That's 54 percent from the state of Georgia. Sometimes kids just want to leave the state.

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    So did Cross want to turn down the UGA offer in person before going on his State Penn State official visit, OR to provide assurance that that next visit was of no consequence (or to handle some other UGA specific matter)? What is more likely?
    My spidey sense says he is Dawg(!).

    Was Pickens visiting Awbern after his official visit to Knoxville a check-in assurance of his commitment OR a means to break up his trip back home (and free meal?)? Cannot ask here which is more likely, but is the latter clearly plausible?
    My spidey sense says he is Dawg(!). (perhaps a JUCO Dawg, but still....)

    Elam got a CB to the UGA from John Garcia (247sports analyst) in Jan. Elam's principle FLa recruiter is Billy Gonzales. ¡Ay, caramba!, Elam is a Dawg! Espero.

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    Cross - Wiltfong to PSU

  • CZCashvilleDawgCZCashvilleDawg Posts: 3,168 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Seither - Brewster CB to UGA

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    @JeffSentell said:
    Who's ready to hang out through it all today?

    Of note: There is an official time out there for Nick Cross today. He will sign at a 2:15 PM ceremony today from his school.

    No offense, Jeff. but this is a very meh signing day for me. We go in as # 2 and likely finish as # 2 - odds seem against us signing any of our major targets - Elam, Cross - think I'll just check for a recap later on.

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    @JeffSentell said:
    So...... who's the one player you'd like to see the Bulldogs close with today?


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    Seither would be fine to fill gap at TE position

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    MAR to Auburn and Elam to Florida is the word I hear.

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    @JeffSentell said:
    Something to make sure to think about today. .....

    If the Bulldogs sign zero student-athletes on Wednesday, it still means a 302.13 score on the Team Composite ratings from those 22 signees who chose UGA on the first day of the early period in December.

    That 302.13 would have charted well enough to garner the nation's No. 1 class in 2009, 2011 and 2016 even amid Alabama's great run of mythical national recruiting championships. Here's a listing of all the cycles dating back to 2000 in which a team finished with a higher overall score than the Bulldogs are guaranteed to post for this cycle.

    • 2019: Alabama
    • 2018: UGA and Ohio State
    • 2017: Alabama and Ohio State
    • 2015: Alabama and USC
    • 2014: Alabama
    • 2013: Alabama and Ohio State
    • 2012: Alabama
    • 2010: Florida and Texas
    • 2008: Miami
    • 2007: Florida
    • 2006: USC
    • 2002: Texas and Florida State

    That 302.12 has only been bettered eight times in the last 13 cycles by a program not named Alabama.Let that be a stiff arm of reality right to the headgear. Need more?

    DawgNation was able to also dig up all the years the Bulldogs have scored a higher mark on the 247Sports Team Composite ratings since the inception of that system in 2000:


    It is the second-highest rated group of recruits in program history according to the 247Sports Team composite rankings database maintained by 247Sports.

    Great job on doing your homework Jeff.

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    An interesting move made with Bogle to UF. Could be a big momentum day for the Gators.

    UGA kicked the tires on him. Until maybe late April or May. That's when the Jermaine Johnson storyline kicked in. Saban was even clocking him hard by then. Landed the chopper on the baseball field and all that at Cardinal Gibbons.

    Bogle is an edge defender who was good enough to score 40-plus points in a HS high hoops game as a junior.

    What does it mean? For starters, it means Bama has more room for targets now on NSD.


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