Think we are ok at WR now

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**** Kirby. Go on with your bad self bra



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    IF this Pickens kid qualifies and is as good as advertised and we coach the group up then no worries here.

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    We now have the potential to be elite at WR. That means that every position grouping qualifies as elite or right on the doorstep. Now to execute every game, every play.

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    There are a number of questions that need to be resolved before we can claim to be elite at WR and other position groups.

    1. DRob needs to realize the potential he showed as a freshman and Pickens needs to qualify.
    2. Fromm needs to stay healthy .
    3. OL needs to improve pass blocking
    4. Coley/Hankton have to introduce routes to get the receivers open.
    5. No depth at TE.
    6. 2-3 DB have to make significant progress. The secondary still has some unanswered questions.
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    I thought our WR room was good before Pickens and this new grad transfer happened. There is more talent than has been seen in that group.

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    I agree 100% with this comment. Why were people so worried about our WR group in the first place? Holloman was our best receiver as the season progressed, Drob will have a full spring and year with S&C, many people have forgotten how good Kearis Jackson is, and the tremendous ceiling Tommy Bush has. And none of that even gets into Stanley and Sims who are about as underrated as it gets. Add Pickens, Cager, and Blaylock to all that? There's no question they're elite.

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    I think the concern on WR has been centered around having 3 returning WRs that have caught balls in SEC play. Quick Google search returned 44 (if accurate) career catches between JJ, Simmons, and Blount. Tons of potential and talent, but unproven. That’s a strong indicator that we should be cautiously optimistic. Talent doesn’t always immediately transfer to the field. Robertson could be the poster child for that statement in 2018 at WR position.

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    I agree with Denmen in that our route combinations weren’t the best under Chaney. If that’s what he meant or course, and I’d definitely like to see more shots taken downfield.

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    saw this on one of the rant sites...

    a new perspective.............

    Jake Fromm now has... Matt Landers (6 ft 5) Lawrence Cager (6 ft 6) Tommy Bush (6 ft 5) George Pickens (6 ft 5) throw jump balls to. UNREAL

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    Stanley is gone. Don't think Sims is correct name for scholarship WR. WR potential is just fine, however.

    1. JJ and Simmons got significant PT last year and should be better this year.
    2. Drob should have a breakout season this year. He's been here long enough to re-adapt to the climate, learn the playbook, and develop chemistry with Jake.
    3. Landers and Bush are big and fast, and hopefully are ready.
    4. Jackson and Blunt are fast. Are they ready? should be.
    5. Blalock is already on campus. I'm confident he'll be in our WR rotation by the start of the season.
    6. Tongue has a huge upside. If he gets it quickly, he'll be an asset this fall.
    7. PIckens will be an asset if he gets to campus by June, and has "NFL in 3" talent. Pray that he can qualify AND pass the NCAA clearinghouse by early June.
    8. PS, do Alabama high schools have online classes available to HS seniors?
  • theoriginalpitbulltheoriginalpitbull Posts: 102 ✭✭✭ Junior

    And the Miami guy looks pretty good, too.

    That's 11 WRs, excluding Cook who could jump into the slot from time to time.

    Looking good to me.

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    Blaylock isn't already on campus. One of the things his mom told him was to not rush his way to college and enjoy his final semester as a high schooler. So he is.

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    Jake Fromm now has... Matt Landers (6 ft 5) Lawrence Cager (6 ft 6) Tommy Bush (6 ft 5) George Pickens (6 ft 5) throw jump balls to. UNREAL

    Now we need a point guard....

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    Love the speed to get it downfield and the height for the end zone

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    Can you imagine all of them on the field at one time? Talk about a matchup nightmare.

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    @donmthat is real dedication to the forum. You still dont have quote option so you're typing the quote yourself? 👍🏻

    Many uv's to you

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    How is bush developing

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    Sure helps with our 1st and goal play calling.......

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    copy and pasted. I think my quote function is back now. I guess JSON got his quill straightened out.

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    @donm may just be when you mention someone according to Anotherdawg. Or is your quote working?

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    @RPMdawg @donm Just to be clear, I am able to use the quote button, but it doesn't notify the OP that I've replied to them. Similarly, I don't receive notifications when someone replies to my posts. The only notifications I get are when someone uses the @, which is what I've done with both of you here.

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    @AnotherDawg understood. But When doing that , things are jumpy. I hit 1 letter 2 or 3 jump up. Know they're working on it

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    Reminds me of when Matty Mauk had Dorial Green Beckham, Jaleel Clarke, La’Damian Washington, Darius White and Bud Sasser. Every WR mauk had was huge. You can cover 1 or 2 6’4-6’6 WRs but when you have 4 or 5 of them that is a matchup nightmare for anyone! Fun times at UGA right now.

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    Yeah, but how many targets did he get this past year? 2? That he dropped. I'd think he's more an example of talent doesn't equate to meaning play time? I don't know, probably just semantics.

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    Need to slow down a little on Pickens. First he needs to qualify and then he has to learn the college/Kirby game. Playbook is much different in college and Kirby is going to require that he blocks and that something most high school stud receivers don’t do much of.

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    Add fitting into the culture as well. If all those things come together, this could be the best pick up for 19.

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    I dont know what's up with T. Bush, he played his HS Ball in Texas so playing SEC level competition shouldn't faze him. Maybe he's getting manhandled at the LOS by aggressive DBs in practice so he struggles to get into his routes which throws timing off with the QB. Maybe he hasn't blocked very well or some combination of those 2 things and this is just me spitballing but what u think?

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    Bush was raw. His hands weren't great and he needed to put weight on.

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    Go Dawgs! I believe this has become a position of strength for UGA. Now hopefully Coach Hankton can coach these guys up

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    The title of this thread is accruate. 😎🙄

    Especially when GP does qualify.

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