What specifically did J. Fields say happened to him at UGA?

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Surely, it was more than a single racial slur.

What actually happened to the kid?



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    We will never know

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    The lawyer who wrote that statement for Fields used the word "overall" for just that reason you mention. It's a statement that keeps UGA from looking like a hotbed of racism while holding on to the race card the Fields family has in their back pockets. JF got what he wanted and I'm sure the University just wants to move on.

    I know a lot of people wish him well at Ohio State. The way all this happened just gives me one more reason to hate Ohio State. As if I needed one.

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    Who knows, but it feels like ole Pablo played his hand. Probably way off on that assumption, but whatever Justin & co said probably didn’t make UGA look that great.... even though his sister still goes there.

    I wish the young man the best and I get its business, but there is two ways to do business. Either honestly or ****

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    No party will disclose anything when lawyers and leverage are involved.

    Leverage is what got him what he wanted when others can’t have it.

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    I heard it was being in a hostile and racist environment. UGA wants it to go away as quickly as possible but honestly next year it's going to be talked about especially when JF starts for OSU.

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    doubt the "story" will ever be bought to life. I am sure it was nothing serious, but in the world of racism accusations everything is extremely serious from a PR standpoint. I am sure that it UGA did not want to fight it from an open air standpoint for obvious PR reasons. I also believe that part of UGA not trying to block him was due to an agreement that the book would close on all of this.

  • UGADAWG4LifeUGADAWG4Life Posts: 79 ✭✭ Sophomore

    I agree. Close the door indeed. I can only imagine the damage that it would do if UGA was proven to be allowing a hostile and racist environment. Bad PR . Mothers and father's wouldn't allow their sons to visit UGA.

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    It wouldn't matter if UGA was able to prove that it DID NOT allow a hostile and racist environment... the allegations alone would have been detrimental

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    That’s definitely what a lot of people believe, that just the allegations should be enough to make you stand back. But we kind of have a president right now who’s campaign, to me, should have disproven that logic. Because by all conventional wisdom he should have lost not just the general election. But he shouldn’t even have won the primary.

    And yeah, we still have a lot of people calling him a racist and every other name they can manage to find a way to call him. But there aren’t too terribly many of them who would have voted for him even if he weren’t so controversial. And apparently there were a lot of people who did vote for him because they admired his courageousness.

    Like YaleDawg probably believes Trump is a racist. But let’s be honest. Even if Trump never said a word about how great his wall was gonna be, was YaleDawg gonna vote for Trump anyway?

    UGA shouldn’t have handled it like Trump handled his campaign. The two were trying to accomplish two different things. So there are different approaches. But just backing down and cowtowing to outrageous allegations isn’t necessarily the best way to handle things.

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    I wrote a big chunk and deleted it because...we're all sick of it, but it has greater implications and that's why the story remains relevant (whether we like it or not).

    For those with law degrees or those with better knowledge of these, erm, "rules" - @JeffSentell, @MikeGriffith, @DawgNationDaily et al - Do we, as the public, have no way of getting any transcripts considering these are state schools?

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    not gonna happen, this is hush hush closed book

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    @Bigcalidawg I suppose that this is a way to have your cake, and then eat it too? I feel pretty sure, we will never know. However, I do only wish good things for this young man going forward. The only exception is any possibility of his coming up against Georgia, then it’s all about the DAWGS! Anyway, I am really looking forward to returning our collective focus to our beloved DAWGS that are still a part of THIS team, and all of the NEW BREED for 2019 that’ll they will all finally be in the uniform on “G” day in Athens, on April the 20th! GO DAWGS!!!

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    I cannot understand why everyone wants to know what JFi had in his waiver. UGA was spared an **** PR battle and JFi hasn't made any public statements about racism. Some of you seem more concerned with claiming righteous indignation for a culture war than what is best for the University and the team.

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    It seems to me at this point, that since he “perceived” that he was being harassed in a racially hostile environment, that was enough.

    The slur at the game was the only incident, but it shook him so, he can walk.

    Man,NEXT years portal is gonna be a humdinger!

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    Let it go.

  • BigcalidawgBigcalidawg Posts: 1,100 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
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    The system’s been happy to manipulate these young men for it’$ gain for a while now. About time someone returned the favor.

    Not worried about him. I suspect if we ever face him, he’s going to wish he was teammates with Nolan and Adam, instead of opponents.

  • Casanova_FlatulenceCasanova_Flatulence Posts: 979 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Yes, please!!! If I never hear that kid's name again it will be too soon. Waaaaaaaay over the JF saga and don't care what he had to say or what he says in the future.

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    Blaming what Sasser said doesn’t make any sense. Surely there are plenty of black guys already on the baseball team.

    Blaming UGA for kicking him off the team (whether one feels kick him off was justified or not) makes a lot more sense,

    You don’t expect a victim of someone who’s been punished to now have to go and live with the victimizer’s friends.

    The PR war I imagine UGA was trying to avoid was having to justify the punishment they gave Sasser. That would have been messy as hell.

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  • levanderlevander Posts: 4,392 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @Croatiadawg - are you under any kind of impression Justin really wants to play baseball?

    It’s just something that can’t be disproved legally.

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    Who says the slur at the football was the only one - he was on campus a year and you don’t know what other incident(s) did or didn’t happen....

    some people are way too fascinated with this story....

    let it be.

  • CroatiadawgCroatiadawg Posts: 43 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I think that is the point - he painted himself in a corner by saying that he didn't feel like he would be welcomed on the baseball team at UGA. He never was going to be on the baseball team and if he is going to stick to his story and have a shred of integrity then he needs to 1) try out for the OSU baseball team or 2) come out and say - on second thought (now that I have my waiver) - I think I should focus exclusively on baseball.

    I am dumbfounded that the whole national media is buying this story from Mars and Fields family. It is so easy to poke a hole in - unless, of course, he actually follows through and plays baseball at OSU. I'll eat my words when that happens. Is every sportswriter in the country afraid of this story or are journalists just parrots repeating one another?

    I'll stop before I go off on to a tangent of "what has happened to this country?" and "get off my lawn, snowflake!"

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