Defensive Lineman Rotation

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Last year UGA had a problem stopping the run. In year 2 of NT Jordan Davis I believe that statistic to improve. We have Tyler Clark, Julian Rochester, David Marshall and Malik Herring In The Two Deep. Who else do you see stepping up or contributing next year !?


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    We’ll need Wyatt and Barnett to provide some depth behind Davis. With Travon being an early enrollee, I expect him to earn some playing time next year.

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    Wyatt was giving Texas all types of problems in the Sugar Bowl. He's a disruptor on pass downs.

    I think we know what we have in the returning guys. Outside of Herring I'm not expecting any of them to turn into real impact players.

    Excited to see if either Logue or Mitchell can have a Jordan Davis type impact as the season wears on.

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    Add in - David Marshall was a big loss last year with injury. If he comes back solid, rush defense (and pocket pressure) will improve.

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    Thank you guys! Also I didn't know Travon was a EE. Gotta check that I thought he was coming in June. I am excited about Bill Norton honestly. Guy has tremendous size and length as a SDE.

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    Travon Walker is not an EE

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    the two interior lineman in my opinion will be Jordan Davis and Devonte Wyatt

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    You’re right, my bad on Walker as EE, hopefully he’s talented enough to still help us next year. With all our depth and talent at OLB, I hope that Cox or Beal can bulkup enough to play some DE.

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    2020 Starting D-Line in Georgias base 3-4: SDE Bryan Breese, NoseGuard, Jordan Davis, WDE Travon Walker 😀😀😀 2020 Starting LBs OLB Adam Anderson ILB Nakobe Dean ILB Channing Tindall OLB Brentin Cox 😀😀😀 Starting Secondary Star (Literally and Figuratively IMO). Divaad Wilson, CB Tyson Campbell CB DJ Daniels FS Richard LeCounte SS Lewis Cine, Money- Tyrique Stevenson. Money Backer Nolan Smith 2019/2020 NO EXCUSES!!!

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    No Nolan Smith?!

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    I believe we are going to see a big improvement in our Sophomore class this year ! We have a ton of talent on the D-Line and our Defense will be a top 5 caliber D in 19’!

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    Well u dont know Kirby then ( But neither do I) because NOONE but NOONE is off limits to Georgia ANYMORE. Breese's signature, along with this years signing of Travon Walker will b I think the beginning of a trend of Georgia signing AT LEAST 1 5 star True Defensive Lineman every year. I expect Georgia to regularly bring in elite defensive line hauls like the 2019 haul headlined by Travon Walker. Your thoughts sir?

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    And I get it, we dont have Breese's signature yet. YET!!! 😂😂😂😂

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    We need more elite Defensive Lineman. Look at Clemson and Banana lines they're always somewhat dominant especially when it comes to sacks and against the run

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    Exactly Sir and Kirby knows that more than anybody.

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    Yeah, kirby is the one that built that defensive monster at Bama. I think he knows what it takes to have a championship defense

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    When did we start recruiting out of state prospects so hard as opposed to in state kids we have Tennessee lineman

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    i'm guessing your assuming eric stokes is heading to the nfl after the 2019 season?

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    I'm starting to think that 2018 is going to be seen as an outlier. Five of the top six recruits in the state committed to Ga; and nine (?) Of the top twenty. Really amazing.

    2019 was vastly different. Just three of the state's top twenty, four including Nolan Smith, who attended HS in Bradenton, Fl. Two reasons for that IMO: scarcity of d-line talent in the state and more top-rated guys choosing to go out-of-state. Hence, we went into Tenn. to sign the three guys we did. All impressive recruits by the way.

    Kudos to Kirby and staff recognizing the situation for what it was, and going out and getting the players we needed.

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    I listened to a podcast where the Top Billin producer interviewed Kenyatta Watson. According to Coach Watson UGA really messed up when they told Kevin Harris they would not accept his committment. Apparently he had done a rivals video and the whole PR package was set to go. He called UGA and was ready to committ but was flat out told no. UGA was his dream school and it crushed him. Once this word got around all the Greyson prospects turned their back to UGA and a lot of the other top recruits in Georgia who knew Harris also soured significantly on UGA. This was a big reason UGA lost Owen Papoe according to Coach Watson. We almost lost Nolan Smith as a result of this as well. After listening to the interview it seems UGA had no choice but to go out of state for 2019 and maybe 2020 as well. All these kids camp together and are close so it may take a little while for things to be washed under the bridge. Take it FWIW i'm just sharing info and I don't know any of the kids so I can't tell you what they were thinking but the results line up with what Coach Watson shared.

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    Yeah with a HUGE year in 2019 that culminates in SEC and National Championships, I expect Stokes to go pro. Indeed. 😎😎😎

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    Yep and still signed the number 2 class in the country. I can see both sides of the Harris thing. I think we should have taken the commitment. I mean think about the commits we took early on that got processed. Take the commit let him camp then decide.

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