Interior O-Line

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Quite possibly the deepest group on the team, I could see about six players who could be very good players here. Returning all key pieces except Lamont Gaillard. Returning names such as Solomon Kindley, Trey Hill, Ben Cleveland, Cade Mays, Jamaree Sayler, Clay Webb, Warren Ericson, Justin Shaffer, and Netori Johnson(I’m almost certain he switched to D-Line and he’ll stay based on information I’ve heard but he could still be an option here)

How do y’all see this position shaking out this season and the coming seasons?


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    Andrew Thomas, Isaiah Wilson, Owen Condon, Warren McClendon, Xavier Truss? Oops you said interior, my bad.

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    Tough question for sure, I could see any combination of these two and be happy

    Thomas, Kindley, Hill, Clevland, Wilson

    Thomas, Sayler, Hill, Mays, Wilson

    It's just nuts the talent on this team.

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    Wow. What a group. Most talented interior o-line in the country - and its not even close.

    I believe Kindley and Cleveland are the starting guards and Hill is the starting center.

    I also believe that there is a chance that Sayler earns the starting spot over Cleveland either during the spring or during the season.

    It is very unusual and typically not advisable to rotate offensive linemen. I don't believe there will be a rotation per say - but I do believe Pittman will find a way to make sure Kindley, Cleveland, Mays and Sayler get plenty of reps.

    No one will want to miss any time due to injury or they will probably be Wally Pipped.

    There could be, and probably will be, 4 underclass linemen drafted next year - Thomas, Wilson, Kindley and Cleveland.

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    Not trying to argue, but I think you can have a good rotation, as long as you have a full second team line to work with. I think the rule of thumb is, it's not good to insert a OG here or an OT there, cause it messes up the team work and camaradarie. But if you have an entire second team that works well together that you can insert in there, then that works...and I think we have enough depth to do that.

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    I understand your point. The issue is that Thomas and Wilson are not coming off the field when Fromm is still playing QB.

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    True, but that could change...I got a feeling that Mays is going to end up at OT and maybe Cleveland if Sayler steps up at OG. So, with two solid OTs that can't spell them, maybe we really can have a true second team complete unit you think?

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    I don't see how Salyer doesn't lock down one of the OG spots, and I gather Hill is penciled in at C? That leaves all those talented guys competing for the other OG spot, and I have no idea how that shakes out but I think Mays has the highest ceiling.

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    Maybe. I don't really believe so but you make a good argument.

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    I know we still have the 2019 season, but if Thomas, Wilson, Cleveland and Kindley all leave after next season what does our 2020 oline look like?

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    Some form of Mays, Sayler, Hill, Webb, Jones(as long as he sticks to commitment) or one of the other current underclassmen OT such as Condon, Truss, or McClendon; Also Warren Ericson

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    With road graders like this up front and our typical stellar RB rotation, dont look for Kirby to open things up too much in the passing game but Fromm probably still equals last years 30 td passes.

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    All I can say is the OP SouthGA_Dawg s pic would make a heall of a Screen Saver.

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    Good lord. Looking st the OP and it’s picture, I just assumed y’all were talking about our entire line. And I was blown away.

    reading the thread made me realize the OP doesn’t even mention the tackles.

    i hope there’e enough room to get everyone at least one year starting and into the NFL.

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    Go Dawgs ! I'm going Thomas, Salyer, Hill, Cleveland, and Wilson with Mays as the top back up. I never liked Kindley but he keeps starting and against elite Defensive lines I think he struggles but Netori Johnson should get some major playing time this year also

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    Kindley is way underrated. He's an absolute Stud. I think the writing is on the wall for Johnson. He's on defense now

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    Whoever wins the 3 interior starting OL jobs will be a 1,000 pound road grader. Would not want to face that group for 4 quarters. And the non-starters will provide awesome depth.

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    if it was me, I'd try rolling that thing instead of having to carry it. I mean, wheels have been around for more than a minute.

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    Don, if it was me, I would have to hook my jeep up to it and pull it around....

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    If it was me, I would hire a GT graduate to move it.

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    That’s probably how they got that gear outside onto the field where Zeus is lifting it. Some short skinny guy put it on the ground, leaned forward over it and grabbed the handles with his hands, used his feet to push, and used the dumbbells as wheels. Then he just motor boated it out onto the field.

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    Everyone knows Zues just takes that everywhere he goes. Carries it btw

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