Thoughts on the AAF

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Overall, I'd say it's a decent league. Certainly better than any of the previous attempts at an alternate Pro league. I think they did well to not try to hype it up as something completely different or extreme (like the XFL did). Straight-up gimmicks, no attitude, no silliness.

A couple things I would change:

  1. Stop the instant replay. Let the refs call the game. IR really bogs the game down. Sure calls will be missed...but calls are missed even with IR (hello Saints!).
  2. Let both teams wear home colors. That would greatly improve the visual appeal. Nobody has a B&W TV anymore. There is no need for one team to wear white (unless they prefer it).
  3. The uniforms and logos in general were atrocious. I mean bad and dated. Looked like they were designed by the Canadian Football League using the Madden uniform generator. Why not go with some traditional styles? They looked like the XFL uniforms trying to be all extreme and unique.
  4. I miss kickoffs. They need to have some sort of kickoff type of play. Several have been floated in the NFL (like a punt)...why not give it a try?

What did you think?


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