Transfers, Waivers, and James Franklin

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Let me preface by saying, I hate James Franklin. I think he's a smarmy douchebag. BUT, he said something about the new trend of college football free agency in an ESPN article that I think really sums it up nicely of why it's a really bad idea.

"We have seen kids that have entered the transfer portal and haven't been on campus for a semester," Penn State coach James Franklin said. "How do you learn to overcome adversity and fight through battles and learn to compete? I worry about that for our sport; I worry about that for kids and our country. The path of least resistance very rarely is the answer. How do you have discipline and structure and tough conversations in your program if there's always a Plan B, an outlet with no real repercussions?"

I think he puts it very well. Plus, lost in all of this, is sitting out 1 stinking year really that bad of a deal to begin with? Even the ones transferring for sick family members. I think it's okay to be on the team, still on scholy, and just not be able to play in a live game for a year.

Here's a link to the full article for those that are interested.


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    He hit the nail on the head.. I'm glad a coach finally spoke up about it

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    I’m with you on James. I’ve read his statement that you posted a few times trying to find where he is either butt hurt or how it will benefit him.

    Didnt find anything. Maybe he is being honest and not tickling ears. Maybe it’s because Pablo & co didn’t come up there again.

    Hate to say it....but I agree

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    Free agency is really going to hurt the recruiting powerhouses like UGA/Bama/OSU.

    But I don’t know that I’m against it yet. In the past coaches have had too much power over players, Maybe it’s time for players to have too much power over coaches?

    Stuff like what happened to Roquan where he was gonna go to UCLA because he liked that one coach. But that one coach was being squirelly and left before Roquan even came. Roquan was lucky he found out about that. UCLA and all schools who did stuff like that should have been penalized. But it was just considered part of the game,

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    Roquan situation is precisely why I am agreeing with the kids on this one. Let the players do what's best for them and their families

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    I can understand the arguement on both sides. Just as an American I feel free choice should always be important so allowing kids to transfer because they think they have a better oppurtunity should be availiable to them. This is also true for the coaches. Your hardwork should be rewarded. However I do see the negatives that come with this and how it is and does impact programs. Maybe the answer would be the players have to pay back their scholarship (this cost could be covered by the acquiring team) if they leave before graduating. Maybe coaches should have a period of non compete for a set amount of time when they arrive at a school but how would this work with firing a coach?

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    Thats a good point on the hardship thing. It should only be used to give a player an extra year of red shirt elgibility because he had to take time off to deal with the hardship. How can you deal with the hardship will taking a full class schedule and the demands of the football program? Contradicts itself

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    I don't like the transfer rules now myself but I say let's hold the grown ups (coaches) accountable who can recruit a kid for a position & then leave for another coaching position at another school. The saying these kids commit to the school & not the coaches is a lie because the president of UGA didn't go to N. Smith house not 1 time but it was the coaches who builds a relationship with these kids & gain their confidence to commit to them in the school. I hope they cam make rules for coaches who leave a school going to another & then give the kids more of a say so I'm the matter but until then these kids should be able to leave as the coaches who recruit them can without any penalties against them.

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    Transfer rules needs to go! That's a very real perspective on it. When the going gets tough the weak, impatient, and selfish will get going.

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    So what do you think of the coaches the recruit those impatient, weak, & selfish people? I hate the transfer rules myself but you can't hold young men accountable before coaches who are much older

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    I have no problem with kids transferring, but make them sit out a year. That way we will see how important it is for them.

    Side note: Make coaches do the same thing if they leave a school before thier contract is up.

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    The only hardship waiver I would grant is for extreme cases of malfeasance by the school/athletic department, ending in probation for the football program. If you wanted to transfer from the Baylor Basketball team in the midst of that crap, then you shouldn't have to sit out a year.

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    The one note on the coach argument, if they leave the school before their contract is up, isn't the school he goes to, on the hook for the buyout? Even thought they can come and go as they please, there is usually financial burden.

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    The players should have to sit out a year with no waivers for no reason. It would make the players make a wiser decision in the beginning. The coaches that mislead or don't live up to their promises will get a reputation that players can rely on. Maybe a glassdoor for coaches.

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    The players are only doing what the coaches do which doing whats best for them .let them leave and play immediately.coaches have contracts and doesn't have to honor them why should players lose a year bc they want to leave?

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    I think the compromise should be kids who transfer should have to sit out but they are allowed to play in 4 games like a red shirt.

    The only other way to do it is put requirements on what makes you eligible to transfer. For example a GPA requirement or student athlete is required to take so many classes before becoming eligible for the portal.

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    I might be the only one but my view on transfers has changed, I think it might help elite programs, we're dumping bad apples and hovering parents while picking up solid depth. While it'd be nice to have a five star backup QB, if he's sowing discord and his parents are calling Kirby and tweeting crap all year it's hard to say we won't be better off just letting those players walk.

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    I'm afraid I didn't see much of the OP after, "I hate James Franklin" because I confess--I too hate James Franklin. Couldn't stand him when he was coaching in the SEC and distance has not changed a thing.

    As for the transfer situation, it will be hard to care much about college football if your favorite player, your next big hope, jumps ship on you unexpectedly. It will be worse if you believe your team has a real chance to compete because of that player.

    It is too early to see how this thing will actually play out, but I'm not thinking it will be good. Sometimes, the good of the whole should come before the good of the individual and this might be one of those times.

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    Regular students leave after one semester all the time.

    Diaz was Temple's coach for like two weeks before he left, same with Klingsbury.

    Players should be able to have the same mobility.

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    The first out of the box kind of statement I've seen that actually sounds ok.

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    Regular students aren't getting a free ride with room, board, and all the tutoring and resources you need to succeed. All of this in exchange for an obligation to work hard and excel to the best of your ability as an athlete on a cooperative TEAM. Players can also leave any time they want to and become regular students. No one is forcing their hand. And maybe that's the answer. Maybe we scrap all scholys and just have the best students on campus tryout for the team and play for their school. Just make it a fancy rec league. Sorry guys... the free ride is over.

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    "We have seen kids that have entered the transfer portal and haven't been on campus for a semester," Penn State coach James Franklin said. "How do you learn to overcome adversity and fight through battles and learn to compete? I worry about that for our sport; I worry about that for kids and our country. The path of least resistance very rarely is the answer. How do you have discipline and structure and tough conversations in your program if there's always a Plan B, an outlet with no real repercussions?"

    This has been my primary reasoning for why I think the Transfer trends and Portal are problematic. I'm not a fan of Franklin either, but he's 100% right on this issue!

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    The problem I see with open transfers, is not just an occasional transfer here or there. What if JFs had become chummy with 3 or four offensive lineman and 3 or four wideouts and took them with him in January, post early signing day? With open transfers, you could screw a whole program for years, even if those linemen and wideouts were backups. I don't think sitting out 1 year while you are getting a free ride at your new school is cruel and unusual, at all. Although I do understand DRobs hardship and sympathize with his situation, would it have killed him, or UGA, if he had sat out last year and got acclimated both scholastically and athletically? How "babyface" fields got his way, I'll never understand. Eason should file suit against the ncaa for reverse discrimination, because that's what it was! **** abided by "their" rules and got peed on, while the other one just laughed at "their" rules and peed on them and a lot of people, including his teammates.

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    This seems exactly correct to me.

    Unless of course some major and obvious event has occurred within the program such as happened a few years ago at UAB.

    Go, Dawgs!

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    Don't feel like putting a lot of gray matter on this, but one thought is that the contract term date of coaches ought to be readily available - on their profile - for all to see. Should not be a prob for public schools.

    The other is similar to what is said above. If a coach leaves that is ID'd as the recruiting coach, within say, 18 months of the signing (12 months?), then the player has the option to get a transfer without restriction. (A recruiting coach leaving is to me a big deal.)

    I like the idea of a transfer being treated as a redshirt - perhaps certain types of transfers - but won't dive into this further.

  • RxDawgRxDawg Posts: 599 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    To my knowledge Eason didn't try to pursue immediate eligibility. He knew that Browning was the starting QB at Washington, and he was a senior. So the math worked out well for him to become eligible the year they needed a new starting QB. But the rest of your statement is spot on.

  • bvilledawgbvilledawg Posts: 26 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Didn't know "Eason" was a bad word if used more than once in a paragraph. Eason you, as well, to whomever did that!

  • bvilledawgbvilledawg Posts: 26 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Rx, it's obvious to me that Eason knew the rules and adhered to them, unlike some peoples that are constantly looking for an easy way out if things don't go their way regardless of rules just because "they're" special.

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