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CFB is getting better at ___________. CFB is getting worse at _____________.

Mine would have to be: CFB is getting better at getting players ready for after it whether it’s for a normal job or the NFL. CFB is getting worse at the talent desparity across all the teams.


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    Cool question. Gave it a lot of thought. Here's my $0.02.

    Thanks to technology, CFB is always getting better at delivering content to fans via TV, internet, mobile apps, etc. I love that I know I can watch every UGA game on TV, and I can look up box scores online, and I can follow other teams if I want to. The younger generations may take this for granted but it was most definitely not the case once upon a time.

    CFB is getting worse at managing the fine line between amateur/pro status of the athletes, which has been at tension for some time, and grows every year.

    I've NEVER been a fan of paying players, but I think the NCAA missed the window of opportunity to pass down benefits to players via shared revenue from the marketing of their names, images, and jerseys, in the form of programs like continuing education, health insurance, and internships.

    The top athletes who make the pros receive plenty of benefits. The student-athletes who get their degrees generally turn out fine. I think more could be done for those who suffer injury, or fall short of earning their degrees, or manage to graduate but may need some help with transitioning to a working life outside of athletics.

    For the record, I'm as conservative as they come, and I think most athletes should be thankful for the free ride and the opportunity they've been given. I've just always felt like the NCAA, as a hybrid corporate-governmental body, represents the worst of both worlds.

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    CFB is getting better at ridiculously arbitrary punishments that constantly contradict previous precedent and getting worse at championship trophies. Bring back the crystal ball the new CFP trophy is terrible

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    Getting better at making every other sport a ho-hum, yawn-fest...they are getting worse at coming up with a bunch of panty-wearing, pacifier-****, homofied penalties like the targeting, and celebration penalty and stuff that is turning the game into some sort of left-wing, dumbed-down, watered down, flag football game. Who knows what they'll come up with next?...I can hear the ref now...

    'Unsportsman like conduct...toxic masculinity displayed by number #13....15 yard penalty....repeat 2nd down.'

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    lol... I could hear the entire democrate party tsk-tsk you all at once

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    I'm almost sure they come up with the Celebration penalty. lolol

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    Better at passing the football, worse at hoola hoops.

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    CFB is getting better at making tons of money for big-time programs.

    CFB is getting worse at developing NFL caliber QBs.

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    It seems like QBs for the last 10 years have done a much better job of stepping into the NFL. It used to be guaranteed that it took 2-3 years of development to even be considered a starter.

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    CFB is getting better - - - - because the DAWGS are elite.

    CFB is getting worse - - - - Saban won't retire.

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    It's funny that you say that about the trophy. The new trophy is hideous.

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