Reminder: 5-star Jadon Haselwood is the best receiver UGA has had on the board in years

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As I wrote this, I swore I could hear my parents and grandparents telling me years ago: Be thankful for what you have.

5-star Jadon Haselwood is the best receiver UGA has had on the board in years.

Like 10-plus years.

Just a one-day pause button to remind everyone that thinks that there are a lot of issues with UGA recruiting to simply remind folks that there are still 5-stars committed to the program. Any program that has a pair of 5-stars on the board is doing a great many things right.


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    Is he better than AJ? I notice you said 10 years and its been exactly what 11 since AJ lol

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    I like Haslewood and 2019 is loaded at the position. As @tiger_62082 said we have a lot of options that are a big deal. Blaylock is really good, I personally would prefer Ramel Keyton in the 3-4 WR that we should take along with Jashawn Sheffield and Jaylin Sheffield. We have to show we will use the guys we have now to land too level guys like this though. JJ having a big season this year along with Mecole, Godwin, Wims and Simmons. Trey Blount and Webb could also make us look good as well if we throw the ball better this year.

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    Jeff's son gave him "the talk"




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