Spoke to J.J Peterson at the Corky Kell today ....

JJ just took his sixth visit to UGA this week for the 7v7 camp. Got in town a day early and said he really enjoyed himself. It was termed his "best" visit to Athens so far. The current tally of his visits:

UGA: 6
Alabama: 3
Auburn: 2

Interesting to hear him discuss his process. He said he is still real early and still really open. He described his choice as still being in the first quarter of his decision.

My take is Alabama still leads, but that Georgia moved up a little bit in his mind. Outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer is doing a good
job there. He really likes Sherrer. Sherrer used to coach for Colquitt County head coach Rush Propst when those two were at Hoover. They really trust Sherrer.

Peterson also wants to visit Oregon on one of his officials. He'll also take an unofficial out to Oregon while he is out there later this month for the Nike Opening. It is not about the gear. He likes the way they play fast.

A quick note about Alabama: Former Crimson Tider Reuben Foster has somehow gotten the chance to speak with him. Peterson said that Foster told him that he likes his game.

"He said that I play like him," Peterson said. "He said that I run like him and hit like him and play like him."

The "closeness" of the Alabama team has also impressed him.


  • ladawgladawg Posts: 1,369 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    That is very good news.. maybe roquan 2.0

  • PortlanddawgPortlanddawg Posts: 217 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I had no idea that we were still in it for this guy, nor that he'd visited 6 times! This is great news. Gotta keep it up!

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