Who could be the odd man out?

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The last 3 2017 commits who have not enrolled are Johnson, Wyatt and Beal. I heard @JeffSentell say that 2 of the 3 are “no worries here” enrollees. I could be wrong, but I believe 1 of those 2 is Netori Johnson. He was just TOOO elaborated to be a DAWG and according to reports is also working out in Athens now. So, that leaves Wyatt and Beal. Both are really crucial imo to this class. Speculation leans to Wyatt having academic issues, but with all the moves Beal had in HS, it could be Beal. Which of the 2 do you guys think we should worry about?


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    looks like netori is definitively in. His mom said he'll start classes on July 5

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    Wyatt. I read it has been difficult to get information about his situation and I have also read Beal will likely be there in July.

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    I have nothing concrete, but I think the biggest worry is Wyatt. Hopefully all 3 come on in. Wyatt would be a BIG loss due to our DL recruiting last cycle

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    There was concern about Wyatt qualifying prior to signing day. In the long run of two to three years losing Johnson would hurt the most. In the short term of the next one to two years with possible injuries on the D-Line or early NFL entry for Thompson makes losing Wyatt a bigger immediate concern. Wondering if we should have kept the Murchinson offer on the table and have taken one less DB.

    If Wyatt does not arrive for fall practice they should probably move Barnett back to DL for depth and leave him there.

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    I've seen a few things about Beal maybe having paperwork issues from transferring his senior year, but should be there in July. Hopefully Wyatt gets in, I don't think he sees the field any, but he can RS & be working w/ the S & C coaches.

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    Obviously, I'm new here and not a Dawg fan. I'm simply trying to learn what I can about Georgia's team before my second visit to Athens in September (only 76 days left!).

    Are the players you've mentioned acting to clear academic hurdles to be eligible to enroll? Is that common at UGA with each recruiting class to have a few who might not even get into the University? What is the longer term impact on things like APR if the players do manage to get in and can't handle the academic load?

    I do realize perspectives may be vastly different between P5 and G5. It's a rare G5 player who has a serious shot at the NFL, so the academics are probably more important for G5 players.

    Just curious how y'all see it...

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    @AppFan82 academic qualifying is an issue with nearly every school especially schools that have higher academic standards. I worked for a C-USA program (S&C coach) and we had 3-5 recruits a year have issues qualifying either with grades, test scores, or simply having paper work issues. I would say based on personal experience, lower level D1 programs have more recruits with these circumstances than big name programs, but it also depends on the school's academic standards.

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    Netori in July
    Beail in July
    Wyatt TBD

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    Thanks @thehutch40 . I know App has worked hard to recruit kids who can handle the academics, particularly since Satterfield became head coach. We lost one before last fall to grade issues and had one who had to sit last fall while he got his grades up (he's back now), but I don't recall any not getting to school to start with. That's what made me curious.

    I have nothing but respect for UGA as a school and for the football program. Looking forward to another trip to Athens!

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    @AppFan82 ... The year before I don't think we had any not get in (could be wrong). On another note, I love the area App St is in. I have family that live in Boone, NC and we don't get up to visit near enough. I hope you enjoy your trip to Athens (but not to much if you know what I mean).

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