For those interested in Zamir White's decision and details...

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Don't miss @JeffSentell's Sentell Intel today! This is the first time I've seen details about Zeus' June 27th commitment announcement.

Some important facts & details around the decision and announcement.


  • It will be from the Scotland County High School cafeteria. Look for him to have hats on the table and literally pick the best fit. (No word yet if they will all be broken-in or brand new flatbills to add to the confusion.)
  • Expect to see all five hats on the table. (Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio State.) It may come down to just three
  • The feeling around his community and the coaching staff is Georgia is the school to beat. “Most of his teammates and the coaching staff here would say that things are looking that way,” Bailey said. “I still think Georgia is the team to beat. I would not be shocked if he pulled up another hat but I would be a little bit surprised if he pulls a hat other than Georgia.”

Read the full story on DawgNation here:



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    Good Read Jeff! Now lets get him in the Dawg Nation Family along with Fields so we can get this class going.... Go Dawgs!

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    I hope its not the case, but i'm starting to feel like hes going to pick UNC.

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    I'm just hoping Zeus's mom is there and she calls him a mamma's boy again! Zeus's Mom is way more awesome than Aubrey Solomon's Mom. (The last celebrity recruit Mom.)

    We gotta hear something from the birthday girl.

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