Chris smith

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Watch his senior film and explain to me why he isn’t ranked higher. Any thoughts @JeffSentell


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    @AtlDawg said:
    Watch his senior film and explain to me why he isn’t ranked higher. Any thoughts @JeffSentell

    Is he really that good? Just asking because I haven't seen much of him on video.

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    I think a lot of these young pups will surprise. Chris Smith in particular. Part of a Championship team in high school. He will bring that championship swagger to Athens. I love it when we are able to pull kids that have been apart of Championship teams in high school. I think they are better equipped to join Kirby's New GA.

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    Would you mind posting a link of the film that you watched?

  • AtlDawgAtlDawg Posts: 157 ✭✭✭ Junior
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    The lad does seem to favor collisions!!

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    Loves to hit. I will take that.

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    He reminds me a lot like Parrish. Don't roast me too much on that one lol but he plays a lot like him. Tackles really well, I always remember making comments on Parrish's tackling ability. Smith plays with that kind of physicality AND he will have multiple years of kibry's secondary coaching, not just two seasons like the senior. Future boundary corner?

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    He isn't ranked higher because he played in 2-A ball. Not everyone's game transfers to the SEC well that plays in that level.

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    I personally think he is a little awkward.

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    I see he likes to hit and seems to be in the right spot. Not sure about the cover skills. Maybe they were running zone. Just seemed to not play close to his receiver.

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    I've thought this kid would be a stud the day he committed and I saw his tape. Imo, he'd be ranked alot higher if he was an inch or two taller. He'll add 10-15 lbs of muscle under Sinclair. WILL come up in run support and lay the wood and has good hips to turn and move really well

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    His problem is that right now is he is listed at 5'10.5" and 169 pounds.
    for comparison Tyson Campbell is 6' 2.5 ' 180 pounds and Nadab Joseph 6' 1.5" 180 pounds. That is a lot of height and weight to give up against someone like Tommy Bush Jr. at 6' 5" and 191 pounds or Jeremiah Holloman 6' 2" 200 pounds.

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    He played in a lower level, but his play jumps off the tape. I'm in the camp of people that believes he'll make a big impact in Athens. The way he hits people is violent and he's known to be a really hard worker who puts in the extra time.

    Parrish isn't actually a bad comp for him. People forget that Parrish was our best corner coming into this season. That broken foot really set him back, before that, he was a really good player.

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    Nadab Joseph hasn’t made it in yet! Hope he can make the grades!

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