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It's time for some serious bios about Dawgnation staff and with a story idea

JamesTwitJamesTwit Posts: 422 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

How did you guys get into this biz? Since recruiting has become it's own sport with winners and losers. And with so much info these days..example I always use is back in the 80's after Hersechel's recruitment had started the recruiting craze. I started looking for info. In my local Savannah paper all we'd get is the day after signing day is a small column of the signees names, ht/weight, and position. No star rating back then or anything, But that was the sum total of the info we got. I'm still waiting to learn how good Chosey CHoosewood really is.

BA mentioned once he didn't have a communications degree or anything. But he's a great on air personality and show host (not a **** up I genuinely mean that. a natural). Connor recently graduated with a degree in ?...and got him a primo job utilizing his sports knowledge. Sentell is a master recruiting expert. But how'd you get into such a unique job? Mike Griffith was 82 Airborne! Wow. Gotta be some stories there. And now a reporter. So how'd you guys get into this biz?. Did these jobs find you or did you carve out a niche for yourselves? I don't mean entire personal bios. We don't want to know how much you money you make (ok i lied. i apologize.i am just a **** curious about everything) Do you have job titles of reporter, corespondent, what? Press credentials? You know just background stuff. To me it's fascinating because recruiting/college football is such an eclectic arena and only the best can operate/survive in it...dealing with fans, recruits, college programs and coaches. sensitive info, personal info, on and on. Harder than it appears no doubts. You are all now "world famous" and the fame monster always wants to be fed. .......some thoughts that don't really fit in this post but related. I like BA's attitude of the throw back to a simpler era they way he like to do his broadcasts. ...if you really wanted to throw back add a beep every 10 seconds to phone interviews. Back in the day Ma Bell's phone system would beep every 10 secs or so to left people know the call was being recorded. I clearly remember old radio news stories with reporters from AP phoning in their reports and the constant beeps...ok now I'm just rambling. I'll shut up.

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