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The eye of Hurricane Dorian...

GradyDawg85GradyDawg85 Posts: 436 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

...passed right over Treasure Cay, on Abaco, in the northern Bahamas. Below is a text sent last night from a friend closely connected to this community.

"Hey Tool. Still no news from Treasure Cay or the nearby communities. All comms service and power is out. They took a direct hit; eye went right over the top if Treasure. Some reports from other nearby towns and cays all show incredibly catastrophic damage. It’s really grim. We’re still praying that our friends, the kids and the community were able to find shelter. Our good friend who is the pastor of one of the churches took a bunch of people in but we have no idea if the church stayed structurally sound or everyone is ok. Wind still blowing at tropical storm strength and it’s still raining very hard. Not the most uplifting message but it’s all I’ve got. Hoping for better news tomorrow or in the next few days when we learn everyone is ok! B"

Yeah, "Tool" is me, B" is my friend, Brian, otherwise known as "Trash." Brian and his family started an organization 6 or 7 years ago, called Austin Serving Abaco, www.austinservingabaco.org. Their primary mission to date has been to help the community of immigrants with the basic necessities and for their children to obtain the books they're required to have before they can attend the public schools.

With the destruction that Dorian has caused (http://www.austinservingabaco.org/latest-news.html), they've expanded and are seeking donations for the recovery effort. The means of donating are below, along with an email from my friend's wife sent this morning with the latest news.

I know we each have our cares, causes and concerns and I'm virtually a total stranger to everyone here, so I have no right to ask this. But, if you were already considering donating to this recovery effort, I'd ask that you check out ASA, the work they do and consider ASA as a recipient. These are good, good people working to make a positive difference in the lives of children that are otherwise often forgotten, if not invisible.

And if you can't or don't want to donate for any reason, that is 100% fine. I know Brian, family, ASA supporters, and most importantly the storm survivors will appreciate any prayers you can spare or your passing along word of their efforts to help this community recover.

I know this was long, so thanks for your time and by all means DM if you have questions, want to learn more.

Best to all, especially those still in Dorian's path.

GradyDawg85 - alias Tool/Ted

Date: Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 8:44 AM

Subject: Re: ASA Sponsored Dorian Relief Efforts


As of Monday evening we still have not had direct communications with our friends in Treasure Cay. All reports indicate that the damage to the community, and much of Northern Abaco, has been catastrophic. All water, electric and communication services will be disrupted for an extended period of time, likely months. Many homes, buildings and small communities have been destroyed. While we await details of supplies needed we know for sure that water, food, tarps, small generators and other basic supplies are needed in LARGE quantities ASAP. We are thankful to Chris Allen and his team at Air Flight Charters who have secured a storage facility and planes to send supplies as soon as planes are able to land on Abaco. We will work through our friends on the island to absolutely make sure that 100% of every dollar donated goes toward the relief efforts in Treasure Cay and the surrounding communities.

To make a donation to this effort please follow this link:

http://www.austinservingabaco.org/donate.html or via venmo - Venmo @austinservingabaco-ASA

As soon as we have updates and photos we will post them to our site. We would be grateful if you would forward this information to anyone that is willing to support relief and recovery efforts.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your support for the people of Treasure Cay.


Brian, Dena, Jake and Rachel

Austin Serving Abaco


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