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National Blase' Day / National Play Day With Dad

donmedonme Posts: 140 ✭✭✭ Junior


On this day you can say "meh" to just about anything.

Of French origin meaning to be indifferent or bored with life, unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of worldly pleasures.

Unimpressed by pumpkin spice everything? It’s okay to be blase’ about it today. Heard the same pop song for the 4th time today? Be blase’. Nothing on TV tonight? Just be blase’. Bored by your friend’s team winning their 266th game in a row? Yep, you got it. Whether it’s that 20 page Christmas letter, your mom’s constant picture taking or the fifth night of leftover pizza, you can be blase’.

However, there are things we shouldn’t be blase’ about. For example:

·        Contributing to your 401k

·        Making your car payment

·        Restocking the coffee

·        Singing happy birthday with a 2-year-old

·        The Dawgs

What would you choose to be blase' about today ?


Something we should NOT be blasé about is this particular day. On November 25th, National Play Day With Dad encourages fathers to spend the day focused on fun with their kids. It’s a day designed for bonding and memories.

A dad play day allows the children of fathers a focused time to bond. For busy dads, the observance provides an opportunity to get to know one another better. Some dads may choose to make positive memories. Others may want to schedule time to take pictures and capture those new memories as keepsakes. The day also gives men a chance to become the real heroes every child and community needs.

Fatherhood is a grand experience. It even leads to great dad experiences. Investing in our children and their memories and adventures teaches them more than just how much we care. It provides them with a foundation they rely upon for a lifetime. They will continue to grow and build upon those gifts we give them. And someday, we will enjoy the rewards of their happiness and success. Sometimes, that includes the love they share with their children of the next generation.


Dads, set the day aside. Clear your schedules and focus on your children.

Find out what interests your off-spring and pledge to join the fun.

·        Find out what interests your off-spring and pledge to join the fun.

·        Play arcade games together.

·        Love, hug, smile, dance with your children.

·        Have a photo-shoot with your family.

·        Play a ball game together.

·        Watch your child compete in something.

·        Join your off-spring (adult children) while they are working on a project (at work).

·        Tell your child stories about your father, and share your family history.

·        Ask your child – How can I be a better father?

·        Promote positive fatherhood.

·        Read a book to your children.

What a great way to spend a day!!



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