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Cade Mays will play this season for Tennessee, as SEC grants transfer waivers in 'unprecedented time

SystemSystem Posts: 4,306 admin
edited September 2020 in Article commenting
imageCade Mays will play this season for Tennessee, as SEC grants transfer waivers in 'unprecedented times'

Former Georgia Bulldogs Cade Mays and Otis Reese might get a chance to see the field this season after all. SEC commissioner Georgia Sankey issued a statement in where he granted a number of blanket transfer waivers to be eligble to play this season. The SEC has a rule where if players transfer within the conference,

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  • Silver_BritchesSilver_Britches Posts: 763 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Connor, you made a mistake in the first paragraph. "SEC commissioner Georgia Sankey..." LOL

    And I bet Paw Mays is beside himself today. Surprised the SEC caved in and allowed this, but what ever. If this means we don't have to hear another thing about Cade and his Paw, I will be happy. Le'ts move on.

  • 10DAWG10DAWG Posts: 137 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I guess that shouldn't surprise, the rules and laws don't seem to apply to a lot of people now. We wonder why there are all these rioters and looters, it's becoming clearer. Maybe CKS should be more proactive and poach a few players from other schools.

  • BubbaBillBubbaBill Posts: 808 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    This is total BS. He’s a traitor and his dad still doesn’t know how to fold a chair because he failed that course 3 times when he attended UT. What a crock this is and shame on the SEC. Go Dawgs!!!

  • SAVYSAVY Posts: 259 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Oh, please. I get your point. But my goodness, it’s just football. Let go and let the kids play where they want (within reason). We are lucky to even have a season to watch right now. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • DeppDoggDeppDogg Posts: 294 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
  • DeppDoggDeppDogg Posts: 294 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
    edited September 2020

    Who cares where this kid plays football? There are a lot of Offensive Lineman at AL, SC, throughout the SEC. Mays is one guy. Good for him. I'd be much more concerned with Alex Leatherwood (AL). Cade loves his dad, good for him. His dad's a chump. That's simply too bad, and water under the bridge. After all UGA did for his kid, but they didn't have a "Lawn Chair Technician" on hand to help him figure it out? Call somebody? Sit somewhere else? Is this a grown-up or an infant? Tragic part is that Cade doesn't get to play with a team he obviously loved (and vice-versa). Just **** all around.

  • Dawg365Dawg365 Posts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
    edited September 2020

    That's great news for Cade and his family. God bless them in all they do. I pray for wisdom over that family.

    Let's focus on all of the overwhelming unreported news on our Dawgs and not spend another minute on articles about players that do not want to be here and who now want to beat our beloved football team!

  • DallasDawgDallasDawg Posts: 862 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I'm fine with him getting the waiver (or not), but I don't like Sankey's reasoning. None of those guys transferred because of the pandemic. So what if it is a pandemic. Fact is, they still get to play. I just think you either have the rule, period. Or you let everyone play. This you-can't-do-it-but-you-can-get-a-waiver-to-let-you-do-it-anyway is a bowl of crap. If you transfer within the conference you have to sit a year UNLESS you have already graduated from your previous school. No exceptions. No waivers. End of story.

    OR, anyone can transfer within the conference and play right away. No waiver needed. Then we don't have to gin up reasons to let kids do things to avoid the political blowback. Go Dawgs.

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 3,072 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Well now UGA must face Cade Mays on the other side of the ball. Interesting...he will be out to prove something. Lots of head bangin' with TN. Who's UGA helmet will it be? LOL

    GO DAWGS!!!

  • jarred_buckjarred_buck Posts: 958 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited September 2020

    Everyone up in arms about him leaving the Dawgs need to chill! Some of y’all are acting like we just got broken up with by the popular kid and our life is over. Far from it!

    I really appreciate what he did for us while he was here, but we have plenty more horses in the stable and keep getting great ones.

    Good luck Cade, except against our Dawgs!

  • RealityBasedDawgFanRealityBasedDawgFan Posts: 198 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I don’t remember him being a road grader or nothing super special. Good for him.

  • sthop456sthop456 Posts: 30 ✭✭ Sophomore

    I'm sure some of or LBs have gone up against him very well in practice. They know Cade's moves (or lack thereof). When we play TN, can't wait to watch some of our guys blow past him and pancake the TN QB a few times. Still feel sorry for Cade, though. All this mess probably mostly due to his crybaby daddy.

  • JackCuppyJackCuppy Posts: 28 ✭ Freshman

    I wished that Luke Ford and others would have gotten a free pass. I thought Luke had a legitimate reason to transfer. Best wishes to him. Hope is doing well.

    Fields, Mays, and Reese. WOW! If you want to leave your program and talk smack, have concrete proof of what your spewing is true. If two of you weren’t afraid of competing and earning a starting position you might still be at UGA. The other one disrespects his hometown VOLS when he signs with UGA. Him and papa crawl back to VOL nation and they seem to embrace them two clowns. It appears that VOL nation and their howdy doody HC Pruitt have no shame to the way their program lacks respect, honesty, and integrity. As a player on this Vols team I just could respect or trust anything that has gone on with the Cade Mays drama queen. What a crock of crap.

    I personally do not care if these guy’s play or not but treat everyone equal if they consider to transfer from one program to another. In real life if these guy’s were working a real job, burning bridges and lying about their employer would possibly catch up to them.

    I do hope our defense lights up the Vol offense. With our speed and size Cade will be chasing ghost the entire game.

  • HunkerDawgHunkerDawg Posts: 72 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Dumbest logic I ever heard.

    We're changing our rule to give players blanket freedom--would be bad but logical, but no.

    Waivers granted based on unusual circumstances in the player's individual situation--again would be logical, but no.

    Going to grant waivers, just this once, because players already wouldn't lose a year of eligibility, whether they played or not, even if they had already redshirted?

    There is a reason for the rule. Apply it, or cave and change it. But cut the crap.

  • HunkerDawgHunkerDawg Posts: 72 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Athletic competition provides a lot of life lessons. There is parallel here with authorities failing to hold standards due to political pressure because of someone claiming victimization in order to avoid consequences they were aware of.

  • PopeyethesailorPopeyethesailor Posts: 313 ✭✭✭ Junior

    His cowardly BS comments about the toxic atmosphere at UGA automatically disqualifies Cade from the coveted "DGD" title, for life.

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