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Kirby Smart reveals his role in Georgia offense, looks to avoid 'boat race'

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
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imageKirby Smart reveals his role in Georgia offense, looks to avoid 'boat race'

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart shared the role he plays in the Bulldogs' offense planning, and how he doesn't want his team in scoring contests

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  • randyglass14randyglass14 Posts: 199 ✭✭✭ Junior

    OMG Kirby is actually regressing the O...he is determined to play Knute Rockne/3 and a cloud of dust football come hell or high water! We are never going to have an explosive O with Kirby coaching. Very sad.

  • DawgTattooDawgTattoo Posts: 408 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Very frustrating! I understand what Kirby is saying. Long drives that eat up the clock keeps the opposing offense off the field and rest our defense. But that philosophy is a dinosaur. Look at the successful teams in recent years. Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State have spread offenses and move up and down the field very swiftly. Consequently, they are very high scoring teams. Georgia has recruited at the same level as these programs, and even better in recent years. So we have the talent to run the same type of offense AND our defense is as good or better. But Kirby wants to get 3 or 4 yards per play. I will never understand it.

  • randyglass14randyglass14 Posts: 199 ✭✭✭ Junior

    What Kirby fails to realize is that against the elite teams he’s in a boat race whether he wants it not not. He appears to be content with not being the the CFB Playoff every year. He values methodical consistency over winning championships. We are telling top recruits “come to UGA and play D” and “go elsewhere if you want a spread high scoring O.” His stubbornness is incomprehensible!

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 4,136 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    One point: How do you win a game? Outscore your opponent or you lose. I understand Kirby's concern but he is too conservative. He wants it like it USED to be...control, tempo, defense. The games now seem to be getting "hotter." Let's see how Kirby's same ole recipe for winning pans out over the next few weeks. Bama exposed that Kirby weakness last week. What is Kirby thinking? UGA's defense has been routed already. Now what? UGA needs to up tempo the offense..not simmer it and rely on defense. Coach Smart, you better at least get in the boat and then, if need be, race it. Less than this and Bama wins again...and again. Sorry, this is truth. UGA needs to come alive and heat it up!!!! Come on...GO DAWGS!!!

  • reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,606 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    That's going to be a hard sell to the elite receivers as BAMA and LSU have(had) which I might add is the difference in the 3 programs. Hey guys come to our school where we will run the clock out. Sheesh! Hey elite QB's come hand the ball off. YEh Kirby that'll work. Why can't he just say we have to get better offensively in game planning and in talent. And when we do, we are going to put up big numbers and our defense will be elite. To tout ground and pound may be the best option currently but to espouse that stuff openly is to UGA's detriment.

  • JimmyBobJimmyBob Posts: 197 ✭✭✭ Junior

    All y’all on here for mindless. throwing it even if the run is working: watch the 2nd half of that game again and still believe that. Bama runs first to set up pass, so does Oklahoma. Clemson runs Ettiene over people.

  • DeppDoggDeppDogg Posts: 297 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Five batted balls, no adjustment, by Monken or Stetson. The head coach only contributes to offense by saying what the defense might do? Does he want to go back to being a D coordinator, or has he never left the role? You think Belichick (or Saban) just stands there and says "Good luck, offense!" Not likely. Kirby, nobody hired you as a defensive coach - you're the head coach. When did you plan to figure that out?

  • DeppDoggDeppDogg Posts: 297 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Oh, and one more thing: Alabama has no problem being in a "boat race." When you're driving a destroyer, it's not a bad thing.

  • Texas_DawgTexas_Dawg Posts: 18 ✭ Freshman

    Sounds to me like Kirby plans on keeping Bennett in the game! We this team currently assembled with be 0-3 VS Bama (If we win our side of the SEC)! I like Bennett but too many wide open passes missed and locking in on Burton!

  • 87dawg87dawg Posts: 366 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Smart must be terrible at recognizing talent. There is no way around that statement because either Bennett was terribly ranked coming out of high school and Smart was a jughead for putting him on the scout team and allowing him to transfer or he made monumental mistakes in the signing of Mathis and Daniels. There is no middle ground. He is wrong one way or the other.

    Is SB4 a 5 start and Daniels is a 1 or is it the other way around? I've seen auburn, tennessee and arkansas play. Bennett didn't beat elite teams. He got crushed when he saw one.

    SB4 is a heck of a kid and I have absolute respect for him. I know he has skill because if he didn't he would not even be at UGA but last week's game was a BIG eye-opener, or it should have been. If it wasn't, maybe Kirby needs to think about stepping back into the DC role.

  • 97GradyDawg97GradyDawg Posts: 344 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    The thing that strikes me about the Alabama game is that there were throws where our receiver had to slow down to catch the ball. Had the receiver been able to catch it in stride it would have been a touchdown.

    Those plays mean we have to be successful for a longer consecutive number of downs. Bama's QB didn't nail every throw. His receivers also dropped balls from time to time. But they made the throws that led to big plays.

    We need play designs that allow our QB to hit receivers in stride. If that QB is Bennett, we need designs he can work with. My concern is that if we can't make the top-speed, take-the-top-off-the-defense throws, defenses will cheat up and make all the other plays harder.

    I also think we have to be able to score a lot to win. I agree with the posters who say we're already in the boat.

    And one final quibble -- "boat raced" is a term that refers to one team jumping out to an early lead and never letting the other side back in it. The term goes back to rowing races where the first team to make it to the center (ie faster) current of the river was generally the winner. Kirby is misusing the phrase when he's talking about not wanting to get into shootouts. That's not the same as being boat raced.

  • David1David1 Posts: 709 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    In no way am I saying I want either of these coaches back, but just saying that Goff beat bama once and Richt beat bama 3 times. Come on Kirby, keep beating fla, aub, tenn and tech, but can we beat bama at least one time?

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