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My Intro. Thanks in advance fellow my dawgs!

Bigjohnson92Bigjohnson92 Posts: 564 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
edited November 2020 in General

Longtime lurker, class of 92.  Seems like a good time/year to jump in.  Saw Dooleys Dawgs for one season.  1988.  Then Ray Gump made my remaining falls in Athens the things of nightmares.  So many Jack and coke, blackout drunk Saturday night post-game hangovers (yeah, the hangovers usually started sometime in the 4th quarter as we funneled out of the stadium).  

After just saying that, some of my fondest memories in life come form my time in Athens.  The smell of bourbon and coke,  fried chicken, boiled peanuts, doing 3 or 4 game college game parlays for $10, (rarely winning), and seeing Widespread Panic play, dozens of times, when they were just a house band.  Culminating with seeing this new up and coming band called ‘Pearl Jam’ , front row, at Legion field, in April of 1992.  So many great memories in Athens, but so many disappointing gameday Saturday nights.  So bittersweet.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything though.   ****, that was soooo long ago!

Hugely loyal dawg here, but the last 33 football seasons have been a repeating ‘Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Browns foot’ scenario.   I just want to win a freaking title (kick the ball).  Just one.  Not being greedy here!  Like all of us,  I am surrounded daily by Auburn fans,  Fla fans, Clemson fans, Bama fans, OSU fans,  and all the others.   It is freaking painful guys, it really is.  Every fall I think that this is the year.  I really thought we’d turned the page with Kirby.   I now have my doubts.  

I will contribute from time to time, because I think it will be therapeutic.  I read and appreciate the passion from all the current commenters, no matter which color glasses you wear.  Seems the emotions run a little high here, but that happens in life with things people are uber passionate about.  Doubt you get that on a cake-making blog, but maybe you do.  I won’t  get snarky or engage in back and forth personal insults, or try to compare wordsmithing prowess, world history knowledge, music knowledge, or penis size.   But I would like to participate.  Sorry so long, thanks for reading and I hope I am able contribute to the dialogue in some small way.  

I’ll post this in a few article comments to get the ball rolling.   Thanks  again and ......

Go F-ing Dawgs!  Sic ‘em!  Woof Woof Woof Woof!


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