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donmedeirosdonmedeiros Posts: 3,379 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

What a truly empty day. No Dawg games to watch and hardly anything good, sports wise, on the tube. I wish I could offer you and exciting and inspiring National Day, but even there today kind of s.ucks. I had two choices and the "winner" is...


National Noodle Ring Day on December 11th recognizes recipes made with pasta into a delicious round casserole. While baking up your favorite recipe, maybe use round pasta noodles to really punctuate the ring in the day. 

While the day could possibly be about the little round pasta noodles, it would be a fun way to celebrate. They make up a delicious pasta salad or several other pasta dishes. They also are popular with kids (of all ages) to use in different craft projects, maybe even one that results in a beautiful snowflake for the holidays.

However, the day celebrates the pasta dish formed in an 8 or 9-inch ring mold or bundt pan. Usually made from noodles, flour, breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs, and other seasonings, this dish is quite versatile. When baked, recipes call for the noodle ring to be removed from the mold and served on a plate giving it an elegant appearance.

Test your skills by making a noodle ring. Invite family and friends over for a taste-testing. We’re sure they will enjoy it. We provide a few different recipes to use:

Baked Noodle Ring

Picture Perfect Noodle Ring

Noodle Ring

Perhaps you can share a noodle ring recipe or suggestion for how to cook up those cute little circular pastas, or, you may have a funny noddle ring story. I can't imagine why anyone would have a funny noodle ring story, but someone may. It might be a nice break from all of the QB centered posts for the past couple of weeks.

The other possibility, and I don't even want to go there, is NATIONAL APP DAY. After watching kids who are friends with each other stare at their phones for almost an entire bus trip and say hardly a word to each other, I haven't much interest in NATIONAL APP DAY. I think I'd almost prefer we had a NATIONAL NO APP DAY. Do you even want to talk about your favorite app or share a funny app story? If you've ever wanted to, here's your chance.

Used in a combined sentence: I think the most useless app in the world would be one devoted to cooking noodle rings.


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