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Recruiting competition for 2023 Georgia QB target Arch Manning growing with Florida, LSU in mix

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited February 2022 in Article commenting
imageRecruiting competition for 2023 Georgia QB target Arch Manning growing with Florida, LSU in mix

ATHENS — It turns out the number of schools that Arch Manning is considering is growing, not shrinking, per a report citing the star quarterback’s father, Cooper.

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  • HemingweyHemingwey Posts: 3,686 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    While it would certainly be a feather in Georgia’s cap to land Arch Manning, I don’t believe it is a ‘be all, end all’ situation for the Dawgs.

  • kirkhilleskirkhilles Posts: 1,058 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I think that Smart needs to be honest with himself and his recruiting team and find the players that FIT what Smart is looking for. It's really an **** situation when we grab all of the top QBs we can find and then they are forced to transfer when they realize that nothing they do will get them playing time.

    What I can't stand are the lies and manipulations. Don't say that "there is a strategy to use JT" and then don't implement that strategy ONCE. Don't claim that "we didn't pass because we're worried about injuries" and then not put in your Backup QBs.

    If you need a guy to run, then don't recruit a QB that can't run. I don't know what happened with Newman, but clearly there was a communication problem that should've been resolved prior to him committing. If you want a game manager to hand off the ball frequently, then find one. If you want TEs to catch the ball, then focus on getting the best them and not the WRs.

    Saban may be an a-hole, but I'm sure he's as straight a shooter as there is. They recruit the players that they are going to use and then there's no reason to transfer.

    We may have not yet seen the last of the transfers this year. If Vandagriff doesn't feel like he's getting a legitimate shot, he may leave and that'd be a big loss for us.

  • reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,286 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Sometimes your eyes tell you something but your brain misinterprets it to some degree. OVer the past 6 years Alabama has thrown the ball just 51/2 times more per game than UGA. SHocker, right? I would have sworn it was much more than that. However the past 2 years is where the discrepenacy in passing attempts starts to show up. BAMa has averaged throwing it 10 times more per game than KIrby's team.

    Of course this past season being the biggest difference BAMA 563- 406 UGA . or roughly 11 times more per game. That alone perhaps is not enough perhaps to persuade a bigtime QB to look elsewhere when considering a school. As UGA fans we might even feel comforted that the discrepancy isn't as great perhaps as we thought it was. But let's dive just a little deeper.

    In the past 2 seasons BAMA has thrown for 90 TD's to UGA's 57. OVer the past 4 seasons combined BAMA has thrown for 195 TD's to UGa's 117 or a difference of 78 TD's. An average of roughly 20 more per year. For a perspective QB, a potential difference in TD passes for a 3 yr. stay between choosing BAMA or UGA before declaring for the draft may look something like this 138 - 83. That's huge!

    So, in a sense our eye's weren't deceiving us, while they may not of had as many passing attempts as we might have imagined, but they have defintely been scoring by way of the pass much moreso than UGA. That may be what influences a prospective "big name guy" from choosing UGA or another school, like say, BAMA more than anything else- their offensive philosophy. How do they get the ball in the endzone.

  • KekinKekin Posts: 7 ✭ Freshman

    13 members of the 2021 Alabama football team have transferred. If "there's no reason to transfer", why has 1/6 of the bama team transferred?

  • navydawgnavydawg Posts: 2,582 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited February 2022

    Hemingwey I feel your frustration. You can preach it till you fall out and Some will never buy it. I don’t understand Why either. But I guess it is what it is. It’s really comical when you look back at many of those Same people during last season regular schedule. They were saying well We’ll lose This game For Sure if Bennett is the QB. Then the game got won. Same thing on other games. Then post season vs Michigan. Won that one to. So then they use what they Wrongly think is a fail safe: “Well the Defense bailed him out” or this one even more comical “Well the receivers bailed him out”. OK let’s break it down for them once Again. YES the Defense did score points on turn overs. And that’s Great !! Kirby had before the regular season even started been pushing the Defense for more explosive plays in the form of turn overs and much to their credit they More than answered the call !! BUT the Dawgs could not have won games based on those points alone. Summary: they did their job and excelled at it !! We need to Remember the Defense acts as a Unit not one man. Now on to the receivers. Can’t brag on them enough ( Including the TEs and you could throw the RBs in there at times to) young receivers some of which were not that highly touted coming from HS stepped up Huge !! Proud of Em !! But that’s their job !! Catch the ball. If people notice the receivers that were/are willing to punish their bodies to make a catch in most cases did the best. That is those willing to Really stretch out hard and hit the ground Hard and all the while Knowing that’s gonna happen but follow through. Same with Knowing that a defender is about to put a Big Hat on em the moment they catch that ball but they are Willing to. Those are the guys that stand out. Well done !! STILL the Receivers, the TEs, the RBs, All act as part of a UNIT. Only the QB is a man alone talking Offense NOT Special Teams the men alone there are the Kicker and the Punter. No other guy on Offense receives the scrutiny that the QB does. And that’s from the HC, assistant coaches, media, and fans. Many, many times when mistakes or less than perfect play occurs people chalk it off to which ever Unit. But good, bad, in between the QB is in the glare of the spot light. Now I honestly don’t think that Kirby Smart is a ignorant person about the game of football. I also don’t think that he’s a tyrant as the HC. I am Extremely Confident that he weighs Very carefully the advice of his staff. So having seen Stetson in practice AND in real games he made the decision to let him be the Starter. Any honest and setting aside bias Dawgs fan can Readily see or Should be able to, that Stetson was a Much improved QB the 2021/22 season than his previous time. AND there’s no reason to think that he can’t improve even more. HOWEVER I am again Extremely Confident in Kirby Smart that should Brock or Any Other of our QBs SHOW that they are significantly Better than Stetson then Yes Kirby will indeed Start that QB over Stetson. I honestly don’t think past achievements Buys a whole lot with Kirby. He is to much a competitor himself ! He wants to Win !! So he’s gonna play after certainly weighing his staff’s advice who he thinks gives the best opportunity to Win. If that hurts someone’s feelings then they can hit the transfer portal. And many Have chosen to do just that. We have allot of Saban admirers that come here. That’s OK. But Some of them have been doing some trolling here to lol !! But ask Saban if he’s willing to cater to a player ? He’d give a little smug Saban smile and return the question with a question “What do you think ?” And in Many ways he was/is Kirby’s mentor. Summary to my novel: Kirby will ultimately choose who HE believes is best to help win games. And I would trust Kirby’s decisions Far More than the media, some disgruntled player that left the Dawgs cause he couldn’t Earn his spot, or some wannabe-thinks he knows it all-football guru Here !! Haters gonna Hate LOL !! But a Kirby Smart coached Dawgs team did win the National Title with Stetson Bennett at QB !! One for the road: “We’ll NEVER win a National Title with Stetson Bennett at QB”. Bwahaha !!

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,516 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    As long as CKS is at UGA recruiting well UGA will win. A lot. As long as UGA wins it will be a desired destination for recruits at all positions including QB. UGA will always be a desired spot for blue chip QB's. Year after year. It has already been proven. But remember, recruiting is a zero-sum game. If UGA doesn't get Manning someone else will. Would you prefer that AL or FU or aTm get him? Or would you prefer to get him and have the best of Manning, Beck, BVG or Stockton take the field for UGA?

  • navydawgnavydawg Posts: 2,582 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    While what you say is true and certainly has merit. Should UGA have offered cash and a brand new top of the line car to Baker Mayfield or just Beat him in the Rose Bowl ? Like you said as long as KS is at UGA recruiting will be at a high level, including the QB position. We’re not gonna get em all. And some times that includes getting the guy that is the best or perceived to be the best. And yeah Not getting that guy might come back to haunt you at some point. But if your team is a fundamentally sound team across the board and the HC makes the right decisions, many times In Spite of allot of negativity coming from Some in the fan base, your gonna win allot of games. And it’s still certainly possible to Beat that gold plated guy, just need all guys stepping up their game. This season was a classic illustration of that with the Heisman winner beating our Dawgs in the SECG but then they stepped up their game to Beat him on a more coveted win. And to be very clear I wasn’t trying to be a sarcastic butt with my opening comment. Just think Auburn-Cam Newton’s Daddy scenario lol !! Yeah we should Try to get Arch and if he comes here that’s Great !! But if he goes else where it is what it is. Game plan and Beat him make him wish he Had came here !! Go Dawgs !!

  • reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,286 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    You can watch film of Arch and Brock and Gunner to some extent and see that they are all the biggest , badest guys on the field generall speaking in virtually every game with exceptions to a few DL and OL. BUt clearly the best athletes. Generally playing against little white guys. That said, when you throw the ball 40-50 yards on a line, you have talent. In Brocks and Arch's film you see them scrambling at times and they usually run for 10-15-20 yards at time. That appears good on film but if you compare the talent level of the competition to say a 7A HS team, the you know, that doesn't make them a "running QB" or dual threat, but just a guy who can on occasion use their legs, if need be. Of the three mentioned above from the tape I have seen, I believe Gunner has the better wiggle and better speed. Also, the better arm. What you can't measure as much on film is their heart. Gunner showed alot of heart when his team got beaten by Thomasville, this past fall in the playoffs, he was sacked numerous times but kept getting back up and fighting ala a Joe Burrow.

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,516 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I definitely agree that you want the right kind of players in your program. I think CKS has done a very good job identifying those guys. The evidence is how unselfish and close the UGA champ team is. That was part of FU's downfall under Mullin. He was so desperate to compete with UGA he would take anyone with talent. I do not propose that but I also think Manning would be a great addition to any program for a myriad of reasons. Talent does not make a TEAM. Kirby is doing it right. That is something I am sure the Mannings find very attractive. Building the right culture turned AL into the #1 program and, behind CKS, has UGA nipping at AL heels. Something to think about. Saban took Alvin Kamara from Norcross away from UGA and buried him on the AL depth chart just so UGA didn't get him. Kamara never got to UGA. Zero-sum game.

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,516 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Don't get me wrong. I have seen BVG and Gunner play. Those guys are talented. Talented enough to start for UGA in the SEC. And do well. With coaching and development. The knock on BVG and Gunner was the level of competition they faced. That and Gunner is allegedly 6' tall. Maybe less. Not sure Arch is any better than either. But he is 6'4" relatively athletic. And we know how good Archie, Eli and Peyton were and what skills they had. I would bet that Arch already prepares like an NFL QB and is well advanced at reading defenses. So you recruit him and try your best to get him. Put them all on the field and let the best man win. But don't expect any of them to start/play well as freshman.

  • reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,286 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I think Steston and Bryce both prove you don't have to be 6 ft tall even and be winners. With Brock/Arch you see several of thier highlights where they throw a 10 yard pass and the receiver takes it for 40-50 yards. With Gunner you see several 50 yard throws where he hits his receiver in stride at the back of the endzone. Not saying the other two can't do it. But it's on tape where Gunner does it repeatedly, often times while scrambling. Going to be interesting.

  • navydawgnavydawg Posts: 2,582 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I see what your saying. You make great points. All KS abd company can do is give their best shot at him. If he doesn’t come to UGA it’d be nice if he has a non-SEC team on his list. If he stays with an SEC team other than the Dawgs just try to notch up the mojo best you can and hope to beat him. But I definitely get what your saying of Why it’d be Great to have him as a Dawg from Both standpoints. I think UGA has as good an opportunity as any of the rest. The Mannings seemed to have enjoyed their visit and came away impressed. They’ve already started legends at TN, Ole Miss, so UGA would be a great place to start a new one. Now I can’t explain Why I’m fixing to say this but I just have this gut feeling they wouldn’t get along with Saban I could be vastly wrong. And that might be exactly where he goes. But with this transfer portal business he’s not Stuck at any school. Again I don’t even know myself why I don’t think the Mannings and Saban wouldn’t get along I just have this weird gut feeling on that. Clash of egos maybe ? I don’t know. Maybe wishful thinking on my part that he Doesn’t go there. Will be interesting to see.

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