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What we’ve learned about Georgia football at halfway point of 2022 spring practice

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited March 2022 in Article commenting
imageWhat we’ve learned about Georgia football at halfway point of 2022 spring practice

Georgia football is at the halfway point of its spring practices.

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  • kirkhilleskirkhilles Posts: 1,079 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Certainly the never-ending injuries are ALWAYS a concern, but I read a lot of good stuff that there is to be positive about. I, however, disagree with this statement:

    "Unfair as it might be, how the quarterbacks perform on G-Day will go a long way in shaping the narratives surrounding the quarterback position this offseason."

    as it's more been how they play in that opening game and any injuries that might cause a change of leadership which often never goes back to the previous QB.

    I'm sure it's frustrating for some fans to hear that Beck might be the leader vs Vandagriff after last year's unimpressive performance, but keep in mind that he didn't really get as many reps last year as he could've and should've in those blowout games. He clearly has talent and I'd like to see what he can do.

  • RxDawgRxDawg Posts: 2,922 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    This is the content I'm here for.

  • DawgTattooDawgTattoo Posts: 404 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Any chance that Mykel Williams or Malaki Starks sees significant playing time?

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,657 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Anything you get from freshmen this season should be considered gravy. If you are counting on any freshman to contribute like BBowers did you will be greatly disappointed. The injuries incurred this year will be the difference in good vs great results. I see no reason that you cannot play 3 OT's regularly this season. Jones and McClendon start and Mims plays swing OT and spells them both in games. As far as OG goes, players being even dictates that you play the player with more upside and eligibility first. I expect to see some attrition on the OL after spring practice has concluded. You would hope that guys that had the whole offseason (RDavis, TMarshall, DBlaylock, TSmith (October)) to recover from injuries would be back 100% by summer. Those guys will be needed to step up. Clearly UGA needs to dip into the TP for a CB for help this season. However, if you do, what will be the reaction of the four 5* freshman DB's? Slippery slope.

  • Jbayne1Jbayne1 Posts: 22 ✭✭ Sophomore

    I feel like with the lack of depth in the secondary we'll see Starks get more playing time than most freshmen DBs get.

  • Jbayne1Jbayne1 Posts: 22 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Yeah i didnt really agree with the articles statement about the QB narrative either.

    For me, the fact that Smart has openly and publicly criticized Bennett's play and leadership, as well as Beck (and BVG to a lessor extent) getting a reportedly solid amount of reps says a lot about the QB situation. Im not expecting it, but wouldnt be surprised if we see Beck/BVG as QB1 as early as the SC game.

    And i agree. People forget that beck had no experience and 2021 was his first actual season. Being a freshman during the 2020 season had to have been a weird/difficult situation.

  • Ddavis0777Ddavis0777 Posts: 404 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    See, since these remarks were made by Kirby - about the leadership topic - I never once viewed it as something that was resoundingly negative, or a "callout". If you think, Stetson has not yet been asked or earned the right to lead this team... he has been REQUIRED to out of necessity and happened to develop continuity that didn't make sense to interfere with. I still believe Daniels was the overall better player; but still firmly believe Stetson's skillset and blue collar/workman like mentality were perfect to compliment the defense and overall team play vibe last year's team took on. Say this to say... he may not be the most natural leader and may need the encouragement/development to lead NEXT YEARS SQUAD MORE ACTIVELY rather than via his personal performance/attitude.

    What I did notice though, is that Kirby only insulted one aspect of Stetson's game and regardless of how long a QB plays this game, if there is only 1 INT to his name following the previous season, it stands to reason a coach would require improvement in exchange for preferred consideration on next years roster/reps.

    I'd caution UGA fans who don't prefer Stetson to hedge their bets (I'm switzerland... I think Stetson was perfect last year because the team accomplished their goals; but think it would have def been more fun to see Daniels at the helm).

    I seriously doubt Beck/Vandagriff are repping with ones due to a lack of confidence in Bennett. What I do think is that Kirby has nearly found himself up the creek without a paddle by placing too many of his QB eggs in one basked the past few seasons. Think of it this way... the skill players on offense are BARELY changing from last year besides RB where Milton/Edwards/McIntosh have tons of playing time already. So, we basically know what Stetson can do with these guys if he's provided the right play calls and has protection. What Kirby needs to know is what he really has in his QB2 & 3 if Stetson either a) gets injured or teams can game plan against him after having a year to study tape or b) plateaus.

    I think Stetson is QB1 still even if repping more with the 3's. In the fall I expect we will likely see this shift unless the others are pressing soundly for QB1.

    ALL THIS SAID, if Beck/Vandagriff show considerable growth/potential/cohesion with the team... I trust Kirby won't hesitate to play the best fit for this team - not necessarily the most talented player. I just know there were a lot of Stetson haters last year and would caution them to not set long term expectations on the intentions/outcome of any alleged QB battle that may be brewing based on a few sets of reps in 1/2 of Spring Camp.

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 4,107 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Dom Blaylock.....music to these aging ears. Cannot wait to see him in action...high hopes for this talented receiver.

    The QB room is still in some state of flux.....Kirby obviously wants to see what he has for the future in Vandagriff and Beck. G-Day will help. This is one and done for Bennett. He will start for UGA but I see Brock V and C Beck turning it loose early on. There is major raw talent with these two. They need the reps. I have very high hopes for the QB Room.

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