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To observe National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7th all you need is chocolate ice cream. Who says you have to stop there, though? You can have it in a cone or make it from scratch. Add sprinkles or syrup or whipped cream. 

Chocolate ice cream is the second most common flavor, surpassed only by vanilla. The chocolate-flavored ice cream has been in existence well over a hundred years and has been popular in the United States since the late 19th century.

Cocoa powder is blended in with eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar to make chocolate ice cream. The cocoa powder is what gives the ice cream a brown color. Other flavors, such as rocky road or triple chocolate chunk, use chocolate ice cream in their creation.

HOW TO OBSERVE Chocolate Ice Cream Day

While you can enjoy this day with a scoop or two, you could also explore the variety of chocolate ice creams available, too. “How many kinds of chocolate ice cream can there be?” you might ask. Well, you might be surprised. For starters, of course, there’s dark chocolate and milk chocolate. But then we can add peanut butter or marshmallow. We just recently celebrated Rocky Road. And don’t forget all the kinds of fudge. Some people like chocolate and mint mixed together, too. And the list goes on and on. 

We do have some recipes for you to try, as well. 

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate milkshake

While you are enjoying your second serving of chocolate ice cream, you have time to ponder what ever happened to the VCR. Once a staple, where did it go? Well...


On June 7th, National VCR Day takes a look a the device that revolutionized the home movie-watching experience. The observance recognizes the video cassette recorder (VCR), a device that, in its time, was a marvel of technology!

The VCR is an electro-mechanical device that records analog audio and analog video from television on a removable, magnetic tape videocassette. Images and sound can then be played back at a more convenient time. Dr. Norikazu Sawakzaki developed the first videotape recorder in 1953 and introduced it to the world in 1956. In 1970, the home video cassette format (VCR) launched, creating a booming mass-marking throughout the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. At the time, the VCR was the primary way to watch movies at home. Millions of people created their own personal movie library. 

Over 10 billion videotapes remain today. Full of recorded memories, these keepsakes hold treasures for millions of people around the world. More and more, people are preserving these memories in a more stable format. This trend continues to be important as the years pass, too. Companies like Zoovio, Inc. provide several options to preserve your precious memories. Options include converting to a DVD or storage in an online private vault, making them available for viewing and sharing on internet-connected devices, including TVs.

Now you know. So clean up your bowl and enjoy the rest of your day.

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