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Kenny McIntosh embodies Georgia football offensive approach in Oregon debut: ‘It was real fun’

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited September 2022 in Article commenting
imageKenny McIntosh embodies Georgia football offensive approach in Oregon debut: ‘It was real fun’

Georgia football running back Kenny McIntosh had a strong debut for Georgia on Saturday.

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  • thadecthadec Posts: 611 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
    edited September 2022

    Permit me to be a debbie downer, but an offense where the running game is essentially meaningless, the passing game has very little in the way of difficult intermediate and downfield throws and an RB is the leading receiver (in both yards and catches) isn't one that lends itself to recruiting blue chip QBs, RBs and WRs because the NFL offenses that they desire to be 1st round picks and play in will be very different. So the top offensive recruits who attended Saturday or on TV didn't see anything that would cause them to change their minds. Justice Haynes, for example, isn't choosing Athens over Tuscaloosa if the #1 tailback is going to get 8 carries in a national TV neutral site game against the #11 team in the country.

    I don't know whether this was a special gameplan put in to counter an Oregon coaching staff that is very familiar with UGA's personnel and normal scheme or if it is a scheme designed around SB IV's skillset that will be used all year. That UGA basically did the same things when Carson Beck entered the game halfway through the 3rd quarter instead of changing things up to showcase Beck's being 6 inches taller with a much stronger arm indicates the latter. If so, defenses will adapt. They won't play the safeties deep if the UGA passing game isn't going to use routes, and defenses also won't play the run if UGA is going to have a 2-1 pass/run ratio. They are going to change their personnel and strategy to stop McConkey from getting all that YAC, to make sure McIntosh isn't wide open out of the backfield etc. which will make repeating what happened against Oregon a lot harder.

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 4,107 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    To go out there and call it "real fun" is a tribute to the level these guys are playing at. Kenny Mac did not say the usual "intense"...but "fun." Now that is a testament to his attitude and ability. This should inspire future recruits to commit to UGA. The bar is high at Georgia but it can be fun.

  • jrmdvm1jrmdvm1 Posts: 127 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I respectfully disagree with you. Monken's offense is very pro-like in one important way. Take what the defense gives you. Any QB who wants to play at the next level, needs to learn to do a pre-snap read of the defense, as well as do the WR's. Against UGA, a defensive coordinator has to "pick his poison" from the weapons we have. Do you really think prospective WR's didn't notice Ladd or AD? Do you think the NFL scouts don't watch the route running of WRs even when they are not the receiver, or watch their blocking for runs or catches by teammates. I watched Stetson go through his progressions. The ball went to the most open receiver. The worst part is that Coach Monken will probably be offered a HC job sooner rather than later. I would be deliriously happy if he decides he likes being in Athens. His offensive concepts are amazing and I am sure that it is rewardingly challenging to adapt to the greater numbers of defensive schemes in college football, as well as the challenge of adapting to the talents of your players. And, in my opinion, it is great for skill position players to be able to flash their talents without being overused ( Today's tall and fast WR's are fragile to some degree...see Alabama 2021 ) , both WR's and RB's ( I include our TE's as receivers ). The full pantry at UGA allows rotating of players without much drop-off, so all positions benefit from the rotations. Fresher equals faster for any player at any position.

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,657 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Zero sacks (and little pressure) not very encouraging but UGA didn't seem to blitz as much as last year.

    5* Athlete M Starks. W/those ball skills and UGA difficulty recruiting 5* WR's would UGA benefit more from playing Starks at WR?

    SBIV in general played very well. Noticeably better prepared, more poised and more confident than last season. Had 6 incomplete passes and 2 of those were throw aways. He survived his 1 "boneheaded" forced play by doing a Bo Nix imitation for a TD. 

    OL looked a little shaky. TRat looked rusty and not as strong at the point of attack as the other OL. Great to see Willock and Mims get quality PT. 

    KMcIntosh may be a better receiver than JCook. But with 16 yards rushing really made you appreciate the toughness and ability of Zamir White. At this rate it is going to take a lot of games for McIntosh to make Griffith's 1000 yard prediction look sane. Going forward you may see McIntosh assume more of the JCook role and KMilton assume the Zamir White role, provided he can stay healthy.

  • navydawgnavydawg Posts: 2,968 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited September 2022

    Dawgs looked Great !! KMac looked Great !! Stets looked Great !! Team looked Great !! Look the vast majority of “experts” had said this Could be the Dawgs toughest game of the season and Most Assuredly the toughest of the early in the season games for the Dawgs. Yet the Dawgs devastated them !! And pulled Stets out late 3rd Qtr. but still with over 4 minutes left. He got to throw the ball around to everybody but the towel boy and they might have considered putting him in !! Coach Lanning Knows UGA and how KS thinks !! He also Knows Coach Monken the same. Yet it did him no good at all !! Now all this Garbage about rival teams will adjust Lol !! Uh Huh Just Like Coach Monken can’t adjust and do change ups should he NEED to !! And recruits considering UGA saw the Dawgs utterly Destroy the #11 team that the “experts” chose in preseason, That’s what they saw. And unlike some posters the recruits Know that Coach Monken can change Offensive tactics on a dime. There’s Zero, Nada, Zilch wrong that KMac a RB got the most yards cause it’s very simple It Was Working !! It’s the Coaches that try to Over Think things and get in trouble when Simple would have worked. I’m Very Confident that Coach Monken Can & Will adjust his Offense IN GAME should the Need arise. And now with the time he has in Stets understands what Coach Monken wants and can Adjust with any changes made out of the playbook. Not only did Kirby pull Stets he also pulled quite a few of the Ones on Both sides of the ball !! But it gave guys that other wise wouldn’t have an opportunity to get real game snaps. IF Kirby would have left all the Ones in and told them to go for blood it would have got plum nasty for Oregon !! 72-3 or worse ?? And he would probably have lost Dan’s friendship. Kirby is Not Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier unlike them Kirby has Class. This game went about as flawless as any reasonable fan could ask. Especially considering it was game 1 with allot of youth on Defense, against the #11 team in the country per the “ experts” and a rival HC who Knows your teams tactics and players Very thoroughly. Anything can be nit picked Lol !! Like I want my truck load of gold ( that I ain’t got and never will on this earth) dumped in my back yard Not my front yard Lol !! Go Dawgs !!

  • ShoottheHoochShoottheHooch Posts: 1,605 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Monken’s offense with the weapons he has to work with this year is certainly “real fun” to watch!

  • GaBoi69GaBoi69 Posts: 322 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Will Georgia have a 1000 yards rusher this year? Haven't seen that in awhile. Is the offensive line up to the task? I guess we all will find out.

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