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Michigan seeks ‘revenge’ on Georgia in College Football Playoffs

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited December 2022 in Article commenting
imageMichigan seeks ‘revenge’ on Georgia in College Football Playoffs

ATLANTA — Georgia showed Michigan where the bar was set last year in the Orange Bowl CFP and the Wolverines apparently have their sites set on revenge.

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  • johnchappelljohnchappell Posts: 66 ✭✭✭ Junior
  • JimWallaceJimWallace Posts: 5,721 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Oh, come on, Michigan. It was a lot worse than you remember.

    It's easy to forget pain. Sometimes you need another dose to remind you how bad it feels.

    Unless Michigan is a lot better this year than last year - show me evidence - they are likely to discover what they've forgotten.

    Yes, on any given Saturday...

    But, they're a team which won a conference which has two good teams. Michigan would be very hard pressed to beat LSU.

    Go, Dawgs!

  • BrooksieBrooksie Posts: 428 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Yes, Michigan is A LOT better than they were last year. But—UGA can win if they play like they did in the 1st half of the SECC. Let’s get through the semi-final then worry about whose in the championship game. GO DAWGS!

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 4,111 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    One can dream...Michigan. There is a bit of water, however,still back there headng for the spillway. UGA would like nothing better than to climb into the ring with you a second time. You missed a vital point. UGA too has matured, muddied its face in the furies of football turf and battled its way to the top as the most talented team in the nation. This is fact. If you meet UGA again, don't forget your mouthpiece. You'll need it.

  • cincydawgcincydawg Posts: 64 ✭✭✭ Junior

    UGA will kill them again. That Purdue team was sooooo slow and MI struggled with them. Had Purdue had a capable QB they would have won. If they had just been a little better in the redzone it would have been a dogfight.

  • Dogman912Dogman912 Posts: 857 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Michigan will get killed once again if they line up across from Georgia..

    Run it

  • Gibroni88Gibroni88 Posts: 408 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
    edited December 2022

    This isn’t the same Georgia team from last year either, Michigan player that sounds like a future second year in a row loser, so maybe you should realize that as well!

    After Georgia whoops OSU, the Dawgs are gonna put an a55-Kicking to Wolverines fans the likes of which they have never seen.

    I trust Coach Smart will not let off the gas until our Dawgs are up 30 to send a message to all the dumbass doubters that still exist out there.

  • Gibroni88Gibroni88 Posts: 408 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    You are never going to convince me that this years Michigan team is “better” than last season’s after they lost their 1k yard awesome RB Corum for the season a week ago against OSU. Their backup is good, but it’s just different without your 5 inch gunner back there and everyone knows it. If we had lost James cook to injury prior to entering the playoffs last season, even with Zeus and Milton, that would have knocked down our offense a serious notch. If we had lost Nakobe Dean prior to the playoffs, even with all that talent, it still would have been a heavy blow even with the other experienced players behind him.

    The blo-hard sports show talking heads are all trying that nonsense as well as their fans and I ain’t buying it.

    Georgia will handle them as they did last season if they don’t get tripped up in the Semi’s, you can take that to the bank.

  • David1David1 Posts: 683 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    If they are already focused on us, they won’t be focused on a potent tcu team that is very capable of beating them. Georgia doesn’t talk. We play the game. Go Dawgs!! Crush the buckeyes!!

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,660 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited December 2022

    Not sure how '22 MI is better than '21 MI? MI doesn't have DE's Hutchinson or Ojabo. Their replacements cannot be as good. They won't have leading rusher Korum and lost their safety net at QB. Did they return all 5 of their '21 Joe Moore OL? I don't think so. McCarthy is probably better than McNamara. His #'s are slightly better. The game may be closer but I still don't see MI winning barring any significant UGA injuries.

    Have to mention 1) good to see AD back. He now has 4 wks(!) to get fully healthy. 2) why on earth would Monken run that pass play to AD that puts THE most stress on his recently healed ankle? AD's ankle gave out, he fell down and the pass was incomplete. Thankfully he didn't reinjure himself. Would have rather seen the almost never works fade there in that situation. Monken makes me go "huh?" a number of times every game.

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