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Where Georgia football ranks in terms of returning production for the 2023 season

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited February 2023 in Article commenting
imageWhere Georgia football ranks in terms of returning production for the 2023 season

Kirby Smart knew almost immediately that Georgia wasn’t going to experience the same type of personnel drain as the 2022 team saw. While 10 players entered the transfer portal and 13 more are NFL draft eligible, 15 of the 24 starters from the national championship game return for Georgia.

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  • BubbaBillBubbaBill Posts: 1,168 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited February 2023

    I noticed Bama is last in the SEC in returning performance (#14) on both sides of the ball while Texas A&M is #1. Looks like an interesting game between those teams in ‘23 and no more excuses for Jimbo. Also, Bama claimed that 2021 was a “rebuilding” year when they lost to us in the NC game. Looks like they can use that same excuse again in 2023 😉

  • MontanaDawgMontanaDawg Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited February 2023

    Connelly's rankings have FSU as the #1 team with an overall production return ranking of 87% (Offense 80%, Defense 94%). They did win their last 6 games and should be a ACC Title contender if they can get out of their own way. Michigan is sitting at 5th....I can't read the rest of the article because I'm not an ESPN+ subscriber. Curious to see where Bama, TN, and LSU sit.

    With the excellent development Kirby and his staff do with players, I don't think this lower ranking will hurt the Dawgs at all. I mean, 15 returning starters is fantastic, especially off a National Championship team. I think our defense will be better than the '22 squad, and the offense's productivity will depend on how the QB competition shakes out. I'm pulling for Beck, but I think Gunner will end up being our dual threat guy by the end of the season.

  • thadecthadec Posts: 611 ✭✭✭✭ Senior
    edited February 2023


    FSU is "interesting" but they aren't even recruiting as well as they did under Jimbo Fisher, let alone under Bobby Bowden. But the fun part is that LSU and FSU have a rematch of their first game that went down to the wire. That will be a good barometer to see whether either or both are going to be a factor this season. Last year FSU failed to knock Clemson out (a job that fell to South Carolina) but at least LSU got the job done against Alabama.

  • Gibroni88Gibroni88 Posts: 408 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    This has got to be one of the most backwards and confusing “rankings” calculations I have ever read in 30+ years.

    Bill Connelly’s ranking make the BCS calculator back in the day look like a platinum ranking system. It’s similar to “rank-choiced” voting in Alaska, except on steroids! Yikes.

  • CandlerParkCandlerPark Posts: 630 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    These rankings can tell us something. But they have to be taken with quite a few grains of salt.

    1. @Kconnorriley and @MontanaDawg point out that our depth softens the blow of losing key players. To be more specific, Connelly's method can't account for the fact that our replacements will be better than most teams' returning starters. Mims, Greene, Milton, Lassiter, Marvin Jones, Alexander and the eventual QB all are likely to fit into that category.
    2. And to focus in on the QB: Wiping all those passing stats is misleading. Yes, it serves as something of a reality check. For example, will miss SBIV's leadership and experience. But it probably also exaggerates the loss of the QB -- especially when you consider that the replacement will be surrounding by excellent skill players and will have had lots of experience of playing against the best defense in football two or three years.

    Given what Connelly's doing, it makes sense for him to do it the way he does. But it's just a very glitchy metric. It's pretty clear to anyone who follows the Dawgs that we're returning a wealth of talent. The simple fact that we're bringing back 15 of 24 starters is probably more telling that Connelly's methodology.

  • CClayC88CClayC88 Posts: 126 ✭✭✭ Junior

    But FSU is killing it in the transfer portal to go along with their improving recruiting. That's why they're ranked #4 in ESPN's Way Too Early Top 25. I would enjoy a Dawgs/Noles rivalry if they could return to prominence

  • Bdw3184Bdw3184 Posts: 12,727 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    The simple fact that we're bringing back 15 of 24 starters is probably more telling than Connelly's methodology.”

    ….or mythology!

    Go Dawgs! Four time National Champs!

  • ProKnoProKno Posts: 29 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Bill Connelly rankings mean nothing when you consider the caliber of players Georgia has groomed to create depth and replace players we will certainly lose to eligibility and injuries. Our recruiting and player development is designed for just that.

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,660 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    An analysis of last years team vs this years team is always interesting and informative. But the "returning production" and "lost production" analysis is a not very relevant. The very nature of CFB is that teams turn over players every year. Sure it would be nice to have all your productive players back year after year that just isn't reality.

    The implied "lost production" is a bogus stat. It is not like that position will be unmanned the following year. As an extreme example I will use BB's production. Say BB's left after last season's 63/942/7 stats. That is not the lost production from the '23 #1 TE. The lost production would be those stats MINUS Oscar Delps '23 production. Let's say Delp goes for 45/650/5. The "lost" production would be 18/292/2. AND THAT production/touches would likely be distributed to other players.

    IMO the only place where "lost production" has any relevance at all is at the QB position. And that is only because a "proven" player at QB will be replaced by an, as of yet, unproven player at QB. Can the next guy at QB facilitate the offense as well, better or nearly as well as the last player at QB? With UGA's recruiting and talent level every other position is plug and play. As proven by the '22 D.

    CFB is a QB league. Can the next QB (on every team) manage the production and distribution of touches as successfully as the previous QB? If so, it is not really "lost" production. IF you want to use "returning production" as a measure of productive experience returning well okay. But every position will be manned by another player capable of putting up production.

  • CandlerParkCandlerPark Posts: 630 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    What you said! You managed to say what I was trying to get at, except more succinctly. :-)

    Let's face it, ESPN (and for that matter our good friends at Dawgnation) are straining for things to write about college football between signing day and spring drills. And we're such addicts that we're gobbling everything up and chewing it over. 😉

  • GtheGreekGtheGreek Posts: 876 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    ProKno, for a freshman you are wise way beyond your class! WoW, Kansas and UConn are up there as real projected threats based on their returning class, now that is some SKARY STUF.....BTY, Clemson will beat FSU by a greater margin in 23.

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