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Mike Bobo’s experience with promising NFL tight end bodes well for Brock Bowers in 2023

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imageMike Bobo’s experience with promising NFL tight end bodes well for Brock Bowers in 2023

New Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will get to finish with Brock Bowers what he started with Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride.

Read the full story here


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    navydawgnavydawg Posts: 3,034 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    OK we all know and fully appreciate that Brock Bowers is a generational TE. In one word he’s a Beast !! And it has to be recognized that the Big O blocking skills Along With his ability to catch the ball and shed tackles Will be missed. These things said, in the limited amount of time we’ve seen Oscar Delp we’ve seen Strong flashes of Bowers. Or at least I can speak for myself anyway. And we do all know for sure that you don’t get on the field much under Kirby Smart unless you can block at a minimum pretty decent. Think back to D-Rob the blocking efficiency ( at least as I understand it, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) was the main thing that kept him off the field until he got that part of his game down better. No Delp can’t replace the Big O’s blocking ability, I don’t know of Any WR or TE currently on the roster that could do that !! But just imagine for a moment a More Seasoned Brock Bowers as I think it’s fair to say he’ll be Even Better as long as there are no health issues, And Then Oscar Delp as being like Brock in his ( Brock’s) first two years !! Just thinking of that alone is Extremely Exciting !! Now throw in that the two rookie TEs are two of the countries best coming out of HS !! Now throw in the WRs we will have !! And our RBs will be pretty Dawg gone dynamic !! The only proviso is Edwards and Milton will need to get plenty of reps in practice and in real games Catching the ball out of the backfield. Which I’m confident they will. Edwards actually Might, with stress on might, end up being a little more adept at that than Milton. Both are powerful runners strictly from a running the ball aspect. And Branson Robinson, we don’t have a real feel yet for his full capabilities. Who knows, he might grow to be great catching the ball out of the backfield !! KMac left some Big shoes to fill in that part of the game. But if Any of our RBs can come at least close to filling that void, Coupled with All the firepower I’ve already mentioned, Whew Whew Look Out Here The Dawgs Come !! Oh and I believe the O line will be pretty solid to. Possibility the O Line could even be better !! Mims has Huge potential !! Go Dawgs !!

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