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Red-hot Georgia revving up with fall temperatures cooling down

SystemSystem Posts: 10,747 admin
edited November 2023 in Article commenting
imageRed-hot Georgia revving up with fall temperatures cooling down

ATHENS — The college football season is winding down, but Georgia football is just beginning to get revved up.

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    MontanaDawgMontanaDawg Posts: 1,888 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Texas is hanging on by a thread. If Bama played them again today, it would be no contest.

    Dawgs just gotta concentrate on the Vols right now and limiting any additional injuries.

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    BigDawg888BigDawg888 Posts: 1,557 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Michigan is NOT HOT!

    Boring offense .... qb overrated against a boring and overrated PSU. Michigan is going to lose to OSU and if they still make the playoff they will lose to whoever they play. They are the MOST OVERRATED TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL year in and year out.

    DAWGS ARE RED HOT! Best offense ever. Very good defense.

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    GtheGreekGtheGreek Posts: 1,004 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Dan Lanning has always been a straight shooter so I have no reason to doubt his word, plus he's about to play for the last Pac 12 championship and next year he'll compete in the Big Cupcake Conference......beats the hell out of facing teams in a conference with only one cupcake....plus his buy out is astronomical. As for Michigan....they are "TCU" Hot just a legitimate competitor away from defeat....hopefully The Dawgs will get another opportunity. Jayden Daniels is a legit contender for this years Heisman but will be a bust in the NFL.

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,679 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Penn St has offensive woes. THeir defense kept them in the game Saturday til late but their offense is dismal against better teams. If they had an offense they win against Michigan and Ohio St.

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,679 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    If we played them tomorrow(Michigan and Ohio St.) we beat the pants off of them!

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    99nout99nout Posts: 222 ✭✭✭ Junior
    edited November 2023

    Jayden Daniels' stats says as much about Florida as it does about him. And it might say as much about the rest of the LSU offense as well if he's carrying them on his back.

    I wonder if Napier gets another season at this rate. There may be too many open coaching positions for UF to compete with this year so I think he gets one more but its probably his last chance.

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    UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,800 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Hot: Alabama. Can continue to try and ignore Alabama but Alabama still has Saban and a higher 4* and 5* ratio than any other team. Add in the most difficult to defend and very effective QB in the country. Alabama is a nightmare matchup for any team. Epic SECCG showdown coming between, probably, the 2 best teams in the country.

    As Mark Twain once said "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". Some "experts" had AL losing 3 or 4 games this season. That said more about the prognosticators than it did about AL.

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    MobileDawgMobileDawg Posts: 322 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    I totally agree Alabama shouldn't be counted out or overlooked. The SEC has the two best teams in the country but I would call them more of a challenge than a nightmare. The Dawgs have grown up under CKS and staff, I have no doubt they will represent themselves very well in the SECCG and hopefully beyond. I remember the many years of underachieving and the frustration felt by a large part of the fanbase under CMR. Today, this year, and beyond these Dawgs will bark loudly win or lose.

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,679 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Auburn peaking will give BAMA all they want. NOt sure what KY's defense was doing on Saturday, they gave Milroe several wide open receivers as in no one araound them. Refs gave BAMA a fumble recovery when it was an incomplete pass. Another easy score. JUst have to spy Milroe and not let him loose. Maybe the best runner in the SEC or nation. Him or Daniels.

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    UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,800 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    CKS will definitely have UGA as prepared as it can be for the SECCG. But make no mistake. This is a nightmare match up for UGA. A QB with the ability to run (and pass) like Milroe is a nightmare to defend. Especially for a team with a poor pass rush. The UGA DL is not overly athletic and will struggle vs the AL OL. Putting a spy on Milroe is only partially effective. 1) he is too fast and athletic for a spying LB to cover in any kind of space. 2) Spying on every play takes a guy out of the defensive scheme making the D predictable and vulnerable.

    UGA's defensive depth is being tested now. 2 defensive "starters" (10, 12) have been subtracted out of the defensive rotations. Cannot afford to lose anyone else. Will need multiple defensive guys (2, 6, 13, 29, 93/97) to play above their current level in the SECCG.

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,679 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Between Arkansas and Tennessee, Bama was held to an average of 30 points. LSU hasn't stopped anyone all year, so throw that game out the window. Our offense, barring injuries, is as good as any in the nation. Our defense is better than Arkansas and Tennessee's. EIght teams Arkansas has played scored more point against them than BAMA did, including Kent St.

    Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas A&M averaged 22 points against them. LSU scored 28 in 3 quarters til Daniels got knocked out missing virtually the whole 4th quarter. THey acutally led Bama midway through the 3rd.

    BAMA and UGA defensively have the same mindset. Stop the run and make the other team have to try to beat you through the air. Tennessee and Arkansas are not teams that can fall behind and have their run game stopped and still beat you with the passing game. Few teams can but UGA's offense is better adapted to passing as needed than Tennessee's, Arkansas' or even BAMA's for that matter.

    I think that playing Mizzou, Ole MIss and Tenn and their running QB's will serve UGA well going into the SECC game.

    Everything of course is predicated on taking care of the ball. We do that , we win something like 39-24. Go Dawgs!

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    UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,800 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Between SC and AU, UGA averaged 25.5 ppg. AND trailed in the 2nd half in both. Means nothing. Milroe has been improving each week while utilizing incredible athleticism and natural ability. That is instinctive not coached. It is unpredictable and very difficult to defend. You never know when there is a sliver of space he can take advantage of. The ability to escape the rush and by time or run for positive yardage is a huge advantage.

    UGA's O is tailor made for AL's D. Relatively immobile QB predictably stationary in the pocket in all passing situations. AL has a round 1 NFL pass rusher to start with as well as other talented pass rushers. . AL also has 4 NFL DB's in the defensive backfield. With three future 1st rd draft picks. (#1 in '24, #3 in '25 and #2 in '26). No opponent has successfully sped up CBeck yet this season. AL will be doing everything it can to speed up CBeck.

    UGA will have to stop the QB run and make the AL QB win the game with his passing. Stopping the run AND the QB run is way easier said than done.

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