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Georgia football needs to target George Pickens, Dominick Blaylock downfield to open up offense

SystemSystem Posts: 10,648 admin
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imageGeorgia football needs to target George Pickens, Dominick Blaylock downfield to open up offense

Welcome to Good Day, UGA, your one-stop shop for Georgia football news and takes. Check us out every weekday morning for everything you need to know about Georgia football, recruiting, basketball and more. Georgia football needs to turn to George Pickens and Dominick Blaylock to help passing offense ATHENS — Georgia

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    RGBRGB Posts: 172 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Good idea. A toss sweep now and then would loosen up things also. Carolina was selling out between our tackles and we walked right into it.. How about a 2 back set, fake up the gut and pitch it out wide. Give the other team the WHOLE field to defend

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    KBPKBP Posts: 381 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    @Dawgfan1995, I am sooo with you. Elite recruits need elite coaching.

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    KBPKBP Posts: 381 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    One of reasons we run between the tackles so much is we are a spread team and inside runs are a staple in spread offenses. In a pro style offense, the QB, takes the vast majority of the snaps from under center. In a spread offense, the QB takes 90% of the snaps in the shot gun with 3-5 wides. That is who we've been under Chaney, Coley, and Smart. Bama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, are all spread teams and so are we. I personally hate spread offenses especially in short yardage situations. 3rd and 1 and you snap the ball 5 yards behind the line and try to run between the tackles. Advantage: defense most of the time.

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    softballcoachsoftballcoach Posts: 31 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Coach tends to go with experience IMO. That's usually a good plan. However, right now Simmons is dealing with an injury. So, IMO Blalock, Pickens and Robertson should be the first receivers on the field. Also, it was previously suggested that the OC liked to use his tight ends in his schemes. Where is Wolf? He looked really good in early games. I agree with previous comments about toss sweeps with a pulling guard (MAYS or Cleveland). What would it hurt to put Cook out wide? He has speed and elusive talent. He could get separation.

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    williewolfwilliewolf Posts: 58 ✭ Freshman

    Face it we've been good because the East and college football is rotten. If its not an SEC team facing a tough rivalry then there are zero games worth watching. College football is being tanked and only the SEC is making big money. We had to sit through six weeks of beating up "little guys" ND included just waiting for the Florida game to come up. To shake things up the Fred and Barney got together to make it interesting. Now, Kentucky comes in and UGA gets back on track before they face an immensely over-rated Florida team. After that Georgia will be great again in a world where there are not enough teams to produce a solid top ten. Face it! College football is becoming to boring to tolerate

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,647 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I said after the Tenn game that I never see our receivers running a route and getting wide open. They're always covered like glue. ND coach said,"they run simple routes." I also said the O-Line can't spring any of our backs for a long TD. THey have to claw for extra yardage after they are hit either in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage. THe "great wall?"

    I didn't see the game but I listened to it on the radio, and our announcers said more than once Jake had a guy open but missed him. Jake's weakness is his inability to create something with his legs. I also said last week that Simmons while an excellent blocker is no play maker. He let a ball go right though his hands for an interception at the goal line.

    I neve dreamed a SC team with their 3rd string QB could beat our 3rd year QB with alot of Heisman hype . DOoesn't seem possible. BUt it happened. Kirby needs to get his act together. The formula for beating UGA has been proven to work. DOn't think we will somehow be able to run the ball against Florida. I listened to the LSU-FLA game and it was a passing shootout. Fla throws better than we do, and they will get to Jake where they couldn't with LSU. I believe our defense is better than LSU's but our offense doesn't compare with theirs.

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    DallasDawgDallasDawg Posts: 1,271 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    As this article points out (somewhat clumsily), we did take downfield shots. We just missed on most of them because our receivers either weren't open, or Jake missed on the pass. So simply "taking" more shots downfield, or just saying that we'll do so, won't necessarily assure success. That's where I wholeheartedly agree with @Dawgfan1995 . Other teams with far less talent at WR than us, seem to be able to get open, even when they're playing against us with our supposedly superior defensive secondary. So something is amiss here. What bothers me is that we've been saying (or our coaches have) for most of the season that we need to open up the offense more, but it has yet to happen. So that makes me wonder if it ever will (or maybe we simply aren't capable of doing it). I do disagree, however, with a point by @reddawg1 , one that others have made. UGA did not get beat by SC's 3rd string QB. He came into the game with the Gamecocks already ahead and simply didn't do anything to LOSE the game for them. Good on him but he led no drives for points until the second overtime and, while he was good at escaping the rush and putting pressure on the defense, he didn't blow us out. I have one question, though? Do the PLAYERS know why they are underachieving this year? I mean, does the OL know why it hasn't dominated? Do the receivers know why they can't get separation? Do the D-backs understand why they keep getting beat. And I don't want to hear about "lack of execution" because this is repetitive stuff here. So there's more to it than just a busted assignment or two. If they understand WHY they aren't getting the job done, maybe they can fix it. Go Dawgs!

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    BEACHDAWGBEACHDAWG Posts: 3,369 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    RUN THE DAD-GUM FOOTBALL! I've celebrated with all us Dawg fans over these offensive line recruits. So much depth that we could overcome an injury or two. While I applaud the character and work ethic of all the players, it's time to steamroll some D-linemen and linebackers. We shoud have two 100 yard rushers every game. We are not a team that has taken a bunch of 3 stars with high upside. Time to show out on the O-line and those receivers downfield will be wide open.

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    Tom1111Tom1111 Posts: 179 ✭✭✭ Junior

    IMO the offensive coordinator is responsible for teaching our receivers how to separate from the defenders. He is also responsible for the blocking schemes of the o line as well as calling plays . After watching the game last Sat. I think most fans would grade our offensive coordinator as an F . Our players and fans deserve better .

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    airconditioned_gypsyairconditioned_gypsy Posts: 6 ✭ Freshman

    Simply put, college football has passed UGA by. First with Richt and now Kirby who is the latest version of Les Miles to stubborn to change his offensive philosophy. Look at LSU now, Alabama, Clemson, Oaklahoma, and Ohio State. No wonder Justin Fields left Kirby had/has no idea how to use him. Dawg Fans hold on tight and buckle up November is going to be a bumpy ride.

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    budknox310budknox310 Posts: 812 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    I absolutely agree. If the offense can only score 23 points or less. Ga will lose all 4 games in Nov. against SEC teams.

    I agree with a lot of everything posted so far. Is Lecounte and Simmons really our best options? 2 games in a row Lecounte has let 2 receivers get behind him. If the receiver doesn't score, maybe SC dont on that drive. Even Simmons has given up a TD (puffed punt), and stopped the drive in OT. Has a problem catching the ball. I know the throw was a little behind, but it hit him in the hands.

    I'm sorry, but I'm still questioning not having JF here. Did CKS REALLY give him a chance to succeed? If Fromm could of scrambled on a couple of those pressures, who knows how the game goes.

    Seriously though, what is up with 1st and 2nd down runs up the middle and pass on 3rd. I really believe I saw that on almost every 2nd half drive. What was the final number. Like 14 or so drives and only 17 points? Think about that. You give the powerhouses 14 drives in a game, they may score 60 points.

    Overall to me the D played pretty good (excluding the deep ball). They kept the team in it. Just my 2 cents.

    Go Dawgs!

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    BiggDawgBiggDawg Posts: 22 ✭✭ Sophomore
    edited October 2019
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