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Another Dawgs tradition ends as game day programs go digital

SystemSystem Posts: 10,653 admin
edited July 2021 in Article commenting
imageAnother Dawgs tradition ends as game day programs go digital

My game day routine in Athens has evolved through the years, but one thing that’s never changed is the first thing I do after entering Gate 2 at Sanford Stadium: Buy a game program from one of the kids who are peddling them, just as I did many years ago.

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    zonadawg61zonadawg61 Posts: 424 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    We used to sell programs on the corner of Lexington and Gaines School Roads to all the folks coming in from the East. This would have been in the mid-70"s. Traffic would back up at the light for miles and we'd just walk down the line collecting dollars and handing out programs. Occasionally you'd get to hop on a chartered bus with liquored up fans -- that was an easy way to sell 50 or more. Folks would just throw money at us and tell us to keep the change. Fun times. Two of us averaged 600 a game -- $30 apiece for a few hours of fun and then a free ticket into the game. Our record was 850 for the Clemson game. Our parents would platoon and stop by every hour to collect all the loot we had in our pockets. Then we'd go home quickly and count the money, pack it in a shoe box or a grocery sack and head down to the program house to turn the money in and get paid. Never once did we not sell our allotment. Miss those days.

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    VenomGAVenomGA Posts: 377 ✭✭✭ Junior

    what about the annual Press Guide? There wasn't a physical copy that could be bought last season. I collect them.

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    David1David1 Posts: 736 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Too much about college football is changing, and most of it is NOT for the better.

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    BillKingBillKing Posts: 64 ✭✭ Sophomore

    You are right, VenomGA, the media guide already had gone digital.

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    KDawgpcHCKDawgpcHC Posts: 7 ✭ Freshman

    I agree. It's sad. The school needs more money to keep the facilities up and pay coaches enormous salaries. We pay more and it seems like we get less. I have hundreds of programs and media guides. No more, I guess. Sigh.

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    RedPantsDawgRedPantsDawg Posts: 176 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Yet another example of how going digital is not always better. I didn't buy programs for every game but did for the big games. I matched the program with the paper ticket stub and framed them. Now there will be no ticket stubs or programs to collect and display. Sad times.

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    UnicoidawgUnicoidawg Posts: 1 ✭ Freshman

    Absolutely disgusting........... somethings should be left alone. Both tickets and the programs are part of the experience. I understand growth and things change, but UGA has more than enough money floating around to let these remain the same.

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