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Brock Bowers ‘special’ in Georgia offense despite Mackey Award snub

SystemSystem Posts: 7,416 admin
edited November 2021 in Article commenting
imageBrock Bowers ‘special’ in Georgia offense despite Mackey Award snub

Brock Bowers continues to make big plays for the Georgia offense.

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  • TheSouthernDawgTheSouthernDawg Posts: 6 ✭ Freshman
    edited November 2021

    I was absolutely gobsmacked when I didn't see Brock Bowers' name on the Mackey Award finalist list. So shocked that I had to go look elsewhere and see if the list I was seeing inadvertently left off Bowers' name. It is beyond ridiculous that Brock didn't make the finalist list. There is no one more deserving in the country to be on that list than Brock Bowers. What he has done in his freshman season at his position of TE is nothing short of remarkable. Absolutely disgraceful that he isn't named as a finalist.

  • LoranwhaddayagotLoranwhaddayagot Posts: 2,032 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Not the first time UGA was snubbed in a college football award, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

    I'm hoping Monken has some special plays dialed up for Bowers to show the country just how special he is.

    Keep chopping and Go Dawgs!

  • WCHWCH Posts: 472 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    What else would anyone expect from Nassau County, NY? They don't like the SEC.

  • khummelkhummel Posts: 779 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I said it yesterday about JD, and BB probably feels the same way... the most important "award" is a national championship, and likely his singular focus. You see, a Dawg understands that by playing at Georgia, he likely won't be a splashy media favorite/star, but he'll be part of a special unit of men capable of winning Titles and playing in the League... that's plenty good enough, and that's what "elite" is all about. So yeah, I'll take Brock Bowers (and his teammates) any day of the week. And the pros are chomping at the bit as well. Go Dawgs!

  • 1SICemDAWGS11SICemDAWGS1 Posts: 1,758 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited November 2021

    Not having Bowers as a finalist for this award is comical. From the 3 finalist, listed in the article for the award, the A&M TE Wydermyer is clearly the best TE of the 3. If Wydermyer doesn't win, it shows how big of a joke the award, and "experts" who select the players, and vote, really are..

  • UGADad20UGADad20 Posts: 1,661 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited November 2021

    The best is yet to come for BB. I wouldn't trade him for any other TE in the country. The Mackey Committee is going to look foolish before these playoffs are finished.

  • navydawgnavydawg Posts: 2,970 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I fully agree with every single comment I’ve seen on this thread prior to my own. The awards folks can snub Brock and look moronic if that’s what suits them. But Brock Bowers will make Millions of $$ playing on Sundays in His future and get the last laugh !! Go Dawgs !! Go Brock Bowers !!

  • UGA66UGA66 Posts: 4,112 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Come on guys, if BB had been a finalist and won...the Mackey Award would be the best honor ever. I admit, I was shocked when he was not listed. This young talent is a top Dawg. One of best TE's in UGA history.

  • rxmasterrxmaster Posts: 124 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Wydermeyer has been uninspiring this year. He is good, but his numbers aren't great.

  • ChewDawgChewDawg Posts: 124 ✭✭✭ Junior

    Brock is not just the best tight end in college football, but to be a freshman, I truly believe he's the best tight end I've ever watched to have played the game of football. I've never seen another tight end with all the skillsets he has, combined.

  • khummelkhummel Posts: 779 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I'm not saying BB (and his fans) wouldn't be thrilled to accept any individual recognition that comes his way. But I like to think UGA seeks not just elite players, but elite people... stud athletes who are also mature enough to think beyond themselves. If I'm blessed enough to be a key contributor on a championship team, which paves the way to my dream career, I'd think I'd have died and gone to heaven. Go Dawgs!

  • tommieleetommielee Posts: 1,174 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    Doesn't Wydermyer play for Texas A&M, and isn't A&M in the SEC? For anyone to think their snubbing the SEC, isn't the truth. Brock plays for UGA, UGA is also in the SEC. Brock should have been named over Wydermyer, but don't expect two finalists from the same conference. Brock is just a freshman, if he keeps up the same pace each year on his stats, he will be named a finalist for the Mackey Award sooner than later.. I was very doubtful that the TE would be used to this extent, I was wrong about that. I was going on past years where the TE was only used to block.

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