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Georgia QB Stetson Bennett understands, responds to tough coaching

SystemSystem Posts: 10,674 admin
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imageGeorgia QB Stetson Bennett understands, responds to tough coaching

ATHENS — Trevor Lawrence, Joe Brady, Mac Jones …. Stetson Bennett.

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    rconlanrconlan Posts: 19 ✭✭ Sophomore

    win the Heisman and shut them all up

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    pepinpepin Posts: 52 ✭✭ Sophomore

    Bennett might be the most overlooked national championship quarterback in recent years

    Claiming that Bennett is more overlooked than Cardale Jones is hilarious. Jones wasn't even given the starting job that offseason - there was a QB competition that offseason, he was listed as a co starter the first two games and he was benched midseason - by contrast. Bennett is no more "overlooked" than was Greg McElroy, Craig Krenzel, Matt Mauck or any other QB who didn't put up big numbers, possess superior passing or athletic ability and whose national title was primarily the product of their defense and running game. The idea that "national title = candidate for Heisman, All-American, all-conference, position awards" is wrong. Add the fact that everyone knows that Bennett won't be drafted because he lacks the arm strength for the NFL - the difference between SB IV and, say, Bryce Young and Kyler Murray - and that is still more reason. How much hype is a guy who throws for 200 yards a game, can't make a lot of the throws that even most college QBs are expected to in today's game and has no NFL future supposed to get? And what would be the basis for this hype? Yes, he led UGA to a national title, but a team wins the national title every year. To everyone else in the country, UGA is not another football factory at a big southern land grant school, and ever since the BCS/playoff era, a school fitting that description has won a national title nearly every year (Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Clemson, UF, FSU, Texas). If he leads Oregon, UCLA, Stanford, Purdue, Northwestern, Wake Forest or Vanderbilt to a national title then yeah he is a national hero with a job at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC or USA for life but as it is he is just more of the same.

    If he leads UGA to ANOTHER national title this season then yeah, all bets are off. Otherwise no one outside of Bulldog nation is going to remember the young man and to be honest there is no reason why they should. How many people remember the actual starting QB of the team who won the 2006 national title? And that guy was actually a big time recruit who set several passing records. I bet not many remember the QB of the 2015 Alabama title team either.

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    ClarkDawgs4everClarkDawgs4ever Posts: 2 ✭ Freshman

    Looking forward to more spectacular deliveries by the Mailman this season! Go Dawgs!!

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    reddawg1reddawg1 Posts: 3,656 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Just win baby !

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    BigDawg61BigDawg61 Posts: 2,439 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    LOL...Who the hell is Cardale Jones. And,, the other guys you mentioned didn't play "in recent years".

    McCarron and McElroy were both identified as "game managers". They didn't typically run with the ball or create plays with their legs, as Bennett is known to do. Bennett would be more comparable to Tebow, Kyler Murray or Baker Mayfield. I might point out that Tim Tebow took some of the same critiques that Bennett's taking, except Tebows main problem was his slow release wind-up. Bennett doesn't have that problem.

    Bennett's arm strength is more than adequate for today's game. He has a 60+ yd range. He employs timing and reads the field as well as anyone in the game. He's deceptively fast and quick on his feet. Has excellent field vision, in finding open lanes to run or throw in. And, he is highly accurate with his throws.

    As he stated, he has had lapses in concentration, which led to a couple of errant throws. That's what he's been working on. Good for him. Give the kid a break...he's only been the starting QB for less than 2 years and zero off-seasons. This is his first year as the named starter. And that's coming off a year in which he won 10 regular season games, The Orange Bowl, the CFP Championship and 2 Post-season MVP performances..as the "starting QB".

    Give me a QB that can throw for 200 yds on 15-20 throws vs one that can throw for 300-400 on 40-50 throws, any day of the week. LOL. It's not the yds/game that matters....it's the yds/completion.

    Bennett is a hard-nosed Winner that doesn't quit. If you don't think he'll be picked up by an NFL Team next year, you've been paying more attention to the narrative on ESPN than his actions on the field. He has steadily improved with each game over the last 2 years. I'll guarantee you, he has NFL scouts' attention. The "experts" didn't see Trayvon Walker coming, last year, either, did they? LOL

    He is miles from where he was when he first walked on at UGA in 2017.

    Unlike some of the other QB's entering College that have early success...he didn't have the advantage of having a Father that was a coach. He had to play in Blackshear, because the HS in the County he was from, didn't have a football program. Blackshear is a small school, that doesn't invest heavily in sports, which means they don't exactly have a top-of-the-line coaching staff or equipment.

    It's kind of amazing that he's been able to do what he's done. Coming from the small community of Nahunta, all the way to starting QB of the National Champion Georgia Bulldogs. It takes grit. And, if you don't value that...I got no use for you.

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