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Georgia football podcast: Paul Finebaum calls out UGA fans after Kent State game

SystemSystem Posts: 10,777 admin
edited September 2022 in Article commenting
imageGeorgia football podcast: Paul Finebaum calls out UGA fans after Kent State game

Georgia football is the No. 1 topic every day on DawgNation Daily — the daily podcast for fans of the national champion Georgia Bulldogs. Catch up on everything happening with UGA athletics with host Brandon Adams and the DawgNation experts as they break down the latest Georgia football recruiting news and discuss coach Kirby Smart’s quest to keep the Bulldogs on top of the college football world. On episode No. 1,786 (Sept. 26, 2022) of the podcast, Georgia fans can hear a discussion about what ESPN and SEC Network personality Paul Finebaum said about Georgia fans and their response to UGA’s struggles vs. Kent State.

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    SmartsTheManSmartsTheMan Posts: 1,520 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Many people overreacted after the K S game. Georgia was several blown plays away from coming close to, or even covering the massive spread.

    Blown plays: fumbles that lead to points for the other team- a field goal and a TD - That's a potential 20-point swing right there. Turn it over again - that's a potential 14 point swing.

    It was a matter of a lack of concentration. It was not a matter of getting beat, not being able to get open, etc.

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    MontanaDawgMontanaDawg Posts: 1,891 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited September 2022

    @SmartsTheMan...people probably overreacted a bit but considering the expectations maybe not so much....maybe very disappointed is the proper term...or just plain sloppy play. Considering we were ranked the #1 team in the nation, had dominated our previous 3 opponents, we played very sloppily. Turnovers, defense allowed a couple of big plays, McConkey clearly had focus issues, and then KS was able to gash the D-line for yards multiple times. We can't be doing that when we play in November. Glad it happened now, but I don't want to see it happen again or it may start a bad trend. We need to play consistently well as hard as that may be, but that's what Kirby expects. Therefore, it's what we need to be doing. If we get beat after playing hard and playing well the entire game then so be it. But if we give away the game and lose after playing poorly, making key mistakes, turnovers, costly penalties, and playing below standards then the onus is on us.

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    BigDawg61BigDawg61 Posts: 2,451 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I don't read anything negative into the UGA vs Kent game. It was a glorified "Spring Game", as expected. I saw players all over the field, that I haven't seen all year.

    Kirby wanted to trickle a lot of those younger players in, on a piecemeal basis, to get film on em running with the 1's against Kent's best. He and Monkin were working on getting the running game going...and, Muschamp/Schumann were working on getting a better push out of the front 7 that went deep into the roster. GOOD!!! That's how they reload for 2023.

    I swear I thought Georgia Fans were more savvy than they have, so far, exhibited. They act like a bunch of High School, know-it-all parents, that seem to have all the answers....except, they don't. We have a lot of football illiterate fans that only see the shining surface of the car, but have no clue of what makes the engine run.

    My message to my fellow Dawg Fans is..."Chill the F___ out". The Dawgs are every bit of what you thought they were.

    I was glad to see Kent give em hell Saturday. They needed that and Kirby/Monkin's conservative play calling, facilitated it. That's exactly the outcome Smart wanted to see, even though it was artificially generated.

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    JimWallaceJimWallace Posts: 5,773 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I'm with you.

    Watching the game highlights (all the versions I could find yesterday so I saw the game's highlights at least four or five times) what I saw was several very bad plays all of which made a big difference in the flow of the game. It wasn't overall sloppy play. I wasn't a lack of effort. It was a bad day.

    For example, there were several not so great passes and/or reception attempts. However, what was Stetson's pass completion percentage? Wasn't it 75%?

    Take away the muffed kick reception, the interception, the fumble, the sack of Stetson, and one blown coverage on a Kent State pass which went for a touchdown. Take just these few plays away and it's a whole 'nother ballgame.

    Obvious, the above plays can't be taken away. Yet we won by 17 points in a game where I saw plenty of Dawgs I've not seen playing before this game. Did anyone see Kirby looking worried or unhappy? Quite the contrary according to my eyes.

    The players looked unhappy and disappointed after the game. I'd say that's a good thing.

    To some football fans a perfect score in golf is 18. Nothing other than holes-in-one satisfies them.

    Go, Dawgs!

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    MontanaDawgMontanaDawg Posts: 1,891 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @JimWallace and @BigDawg61...

    If we had made those same mistakes and played as sloppily against say, Tennessee, we would have probably lost. You can shrug your shoulders and write it off against a team like Kent State, but it's still not good. Sure, the team was probably due for a letdown game, but there was nothing very good about how we played Saturday. As long as it was a blip on the screen then all is well. I expect a much different game on Saturday against Mizzou.

    Fans have big expectations and Kirby does too.

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    BigDawg61BigDawg61 Posts: 2,451 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    That's what I was saying...if you had taken the time to read between the lines.

    Kirby knows he has to test his team's resolve....BEFORE he gets into the latter season run of ranked teams. Teams capable of beating anybody, especially a great team backed into a self-imposed corner (due to penalties, turnovers, injuries, etc.), they don't know how to get out of.

    Smart is trying to manufacture adversity, not just for the team, but, specific position groups. The Dawgs need to know how to deal with adversity,, before they get to the meat of their SEC Schedule.. He is engineering a great team. UGA was never in any REAL danger of losing. You won't see that again, until the Vanderbilt game. Kirby might try to induce a little adversity there, too....before they go into the bye week and the FLA game.

    It's a typical military training exercise, for the instructor to install known defects for the team to overcome. Then, debrief and work on weak areas. Same difference. Kirby's training a "few good men" to beat "everybody". LOL

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    JimWallaceJimWallace Posts: 5,773 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited September 2022

    I agree with you kinda sorta, but...

    Had we been playing Tennessee we would have been emotionally a much different team.

    I don't hear anyone saying we don't need to fix our mistakes and/or quit making them.

    As far as expectations go, we can have them all we want, but so does the other team. I doubt any of their players believe they can't win if they work hard, practice hard, play hard, execute, and protect the ball. Fact is we did pretty well on four out of five.

    Sure, the team was probably due for a letdown game, but there was nothing very good about how we played Saturday

    In my view of our game we played well enough but for a handful of plays, three of them by one of my favorite players which is a major anomaly for him. Our overall play was not stellar, but there was something very good about how we played Saturday.

    Our play Saturday was good because...

    • It resulted in a win which is by definition indicative of good enough play.
    • It gave many younger, inexperienced players a chance to play in the game, and develop on the field of play. Would Kirby have put them in thinking our starters were playing badly? From top to bottom our team experienced and dealt with adversity.
    • It got the letdown game out of our system. We survived it, and not just barely survived it. There have been seasons where we would have lost that game.
    • Also it was good because it exposed to our players their need to be a lot more coached up, their need to significantly improve, their need to grow as players, their inherent lack of perfection. Maybe they'll use it as a springboard to greatness.

    I'm unaware of anyone saying we don't need to improve.

    Go, Dawgs!

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    JimWallaceJimWallace Posts: 5,773 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Nicely done.

    I can't quite get inside Kirby's head and the television doesn't show everything I'd need to be sure of things I can only guess at and draw half baked conclusions from, but I think you're right. Kirby sure looked pleased.

    If you're correct, it's a remarkable piece of during the game coaching.

    Go, Dawgs!

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    BetheredgeBetheredge Posts: 201 ✭✭✭ Junior

    All week long everything printed indicated that the Dawgs would have this game iced in the first qtr. Kent ST had very similar games Washington & Oklahoma & they hung 63 pts on LIU the game prior having the opportunity to work out some of the kinks in their offense before arriving in Athens. Additionally, outside of Bennett & the backfield, the Dawgs got into the depth chart early & often, there was no way Georgia would cover the spread. Kirby got the exact game he wanted & a number of players got a week to let some of the early season bumps & bruises to heal before we dive into the SEC. Having said that, I feel much more relaxed about Mizzou than I did State but if the Dawgs look this way in Columbia Sat night, I will have my finger ready to push the panic button.

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