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  • MeR3htid

    No I agree that Fromm should continue to start (1 terrible performance won't change that) I'm just saying IT IS WAY PAST TIME for him (Fields) to be allowed to use his skills when they do put him in. Why would you take your starter out for 1 play to let his backup hand the ball off. I mean these Coaches collectively make a ton of money to figure out how to get our best players on the field and I'm firmly convinced that Fields is 1 of the best players on the team but is not being given ample opportunity to prove it and if it continues he's gone. As I've said on this forum more than once this kid is gone the MINUTE it becomes clear that coaching staff is not willing to take his training wheels off and let him make an impact with his arm, legs and YES DT QBs like Fields r actually pretty smart too so all this stuff about him not being ready when he's been here since December I'm just not buying. Again I'm a DAWG for life but I gotta say it. THIS IS SOOOOO GEORGIA.

    October 18
    • Acrum21
      Pretty much all of Fields plays have a read tagged to them. He's reading a certain defender and making a decision based off of what the defender does. Teams know this and prepare and that's why Holyfield has HUGE lanes to run through when Fields runs the read option opposed to Fromm (because teams respect Fields running ability). As far as his dropback game. I remember watching him against MTSU, he made one read and then took off running. This was against MTSU not LSU or AU where the athletes are 10x better. He has to be able to go through his progressions let alone actually make checks at the LOS or line up other players. I just think you're either not giving Jake enough credit or overestimating Fields ability to grasp the entirety of the offense. I'm not knocking fields whatsoever but we've already seen Fromm overtake a more "talented" QB last year so there is all the proof I need to know when it comes to Kirby playing whoever gives the team the best chance to win.