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  • MeR3htid

    No, I don't think it was a hard FOOTBALL decision because Trevor Lawrence is better than Bryant by about 10 country miles. The only advantage Bryant had was experience. I don't consider his mobility to b an advantage over Lawrence because Lawrence does wonderful things with his athleticism too, namely buying extra time for his receivers to get open and make big plays. Plus if necessary Lawrence can pull it down and really hurt a defense sleeping on his underated athleticism by gashing them for big gains IF and ONLY IF NECESSARY. Tua and maybe Dwayne Haskins r the only QBs I've seen personally this year that could keep this kid on the bench for long. No knock on Bryant, I know the kid is heartbroken right now, but no real reason to delay the inevitable.

    September 28
    • GrayDawg
      Yeah probably not a tough football decision but certainly a tough decision as a mentor/father figure. Bryant waited behind Watson for two years, had to be tough to ask him to step down in favor of a freshman who hasn't waited a single season. Lawrence will be special and is clearly the better quarterback already, but it is natural for Bryant to feel like Lawrence should've had to wait his turn too.

      FWIW, I took some criticism for saying TL would be better than Fromm by the end of the year. He really is that special.
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