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  • ThisDawg

    What up Jeff. I was wondering if DN could do a special on Jonas Jennings. After reading your article on N.Dean, I'm very interested to hear more about our Jonas Program and who makes it better than other programs wanna be Jonas system.

    November 13
  • jcmedlin

    Jeff, I'm new to this, but follow you and BA on all dawgnation info. Question: if we end up taking Trampoline Wathour, doesn't he count towards last years class and not take a scholarship from a 2019 committed? If you find time, just drop me a line on this. Thanks!

    November 6
  • uganett

    Jeff what are the chances that Jaden Haselwood is in Auburn to see A&M and not Auburn. Jimbo has some momentum and has been known to throw the ball around. Isn’t he in TX high school too??

    November 3
  • andrews1253

    Jeff do you have any information on Phillip Webb? Does Georgia have any interest in him? Been to all Lanier's games and find him to be the closest thing to Lorenzo Carter I've seen. Saw Carter play against North Gwinnett in the state championship game and I'd swear Webb is the spitting image of him.

    October 9
  • ThisDawg

    Looking forward to that freshman report

    October 7
  • MeR3htid

    Good call Mr. Sentell, I had those other guys in mind but I just wanted to name a few. By the way some people don't believe Buck Belue was a great QB cause he didn't throw for a zillion yrds but there's way more to being a Great QB than passing stats. If he had signed with FLA State back then his passing stats would've been a lot better and YES FLA State and most every relevant program in the South wanted this guy and he is as of NOW the G.O.A.T. among GA QBs past and present IMO, he has the SEC Championships and the 1980 National Championship and a ZILLION wins to prove it.

    October 1
  • greshamdisco

    Meant to say fibula. Ping me if you need the source. I’m sure it will be announced soon since he has a brace and crutches.

    September 23
  • greshamdisco

    Check out my post on O line injuries. Ben broke a tibula. Got it from a great source.

    September 22
  • Clounsbury20

    Care to share my video series following Walton football? 5 star commit Dom Blaylock is on the team and most of the highlights are him! Would mean a lot to me!

    September 20