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    Sorry for offending you, I guess I'm just SUPER disappointed in this young man for making Georgia fans look bad. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, this made ALL of Dawg Nation look like a bunch of biggoted fools because that's the perception Nationally and he just gave a lot of people their Ah! Ha! moment. Again, my apologies.

    October 4
    • Jesupdawg
      Hey lighten up brother, I was just kidding anyway, I should have put that at the end of my statement. And I see the point, it was a bad perception for the university, but I would really like to know more about this kid before I judge him to be a racist person. Have you ever been around college kids, especially when they are drunk? Me personally, not much as I try to refrain from being around drinking due to the fact that lots of them say and do very **** things, that they normally wouldn't. The bottom line is UGA has made their decision and it's done. The kid has talked to Justin personally and apologized, so that speaks something for him.
  • MeR3htid

    If they we're on Sabans team Fromm would still be the starter but it's obvious to me that the plan is to ride Fromm because of his experience and continue to spoon feed Fields the offense until he's ready to take over full time and it's anybody's guess when that will be. And since it's ANYBODY'S guess mine is Fromm is unseated next Spring (Unofficially) and by the Summer it will be all official and Fromm will have to make a decision, stay or go. I think he'll transfer so Kirby should have a short list of Grad transfer QBs by the off-season to bring in an experienced guy who's Okay being a backup. Also, it probably wouldn't b a bad idea to bring in another QB in the 2019 class with Plumlee so you'll have 4 Scholarship QBs on the roster. Fromm probably takes a redshirt and transfers with 2 years of eligibility remaining. Probably goes to Auburn where he can play with his little brother. How's that for wild and reckless speculation.

    October 1
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