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Hey folks - as a member of the DawgNation community, please remember to abide by simple rules of civil engagement with other members:

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- 3/17/19 UPDATE -- We've updated the permissions for our "Football" and "Commit to the G" recruiting message boards. We aim to be the best free board out there and that has not changed. We do now ask that all of you good people register as a member of our forum in order to see the sugar that is falling from our skies, so to speak.

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Mickey Rich But since you are so smart why not just answer the concerns in the post - you troll. Big Dawg Eatin It is an abuse of power, when you are A mod of the DawgNation , to use that title to single out a single poster, and castigate them and try to delegitimize them. I know you want me to leave but I won’t . TeamNeem Gotta love how someone who is constantly antagonizing the fan base is a mod. Such a dumb statement about making a thread calling out people if Simmons happens to turn it around. Will you make one if Simmons muffs another punt or allows an INT after an easy incompletion? Of course not. Nor would I want you to because it means Simmons f'ed up again. Obviously I want Simmons to ball out and I could frankly care less if you make a thread because he had a good game. I'd just be happy things finally clicked for him. I just don't get how someone with the basic mindset of "I HATE ANY AND ALL CRITICISM OF UGA, YOU CAN ONLY POST GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE TEAM HERE" is a mod. Like you do know it's a Bulldogs forum right? Where people go to vent their frustrations as well as sing the praises of the players? A bulldog message board doesn't seem like a great place for someone who gets so upset about differing/critical opinions of the team. Bamadawg Oh you thought it was a threat. Humm. My tone is right on par with your humor "guy". As for my tone, tell me in your MOD wisdom what is wrong with it, guy. What forum rule did I break, guy? And if my so called tone doesn't change to your liking, what is going to happen? I have actually had a comment (maybe thread, dont exactly remember) remove because it was political. But yours is still there. Again, hummmm, guy. Rxdawg It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to respond to this. This is my forum as much as it is yours. You shouldn't be modding.


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    Hey Kasey, can you delete my post from yesterday?

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