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So y'all might or might not have seen my write ups on other UGA sites before. I always do a full review of the signing class for whatever site I'm frequenting at the time. I was able to go back and find what I wrote for the 2017 class if y'all want to read it. I worked in scouting for a time and have a pretty good eye for these things so this isn't a completely uneducated opinion. It also won't be a perfect prediction but it is meant to provide material for discussion. Without further ado, here's my offensive skill player breakdown, if this goes well I'll continue posting the rest of the parts over the coming days/weeks. A quick overview on my rating system. If you’ve ever played a Madden or NCAA video game, I use their same ranking system. It’s a 0-100 based system, but in reality you will very rarely see anyone below a 60 playing major college football. If you wantto equate it to the star system, I would suggest that anything over an 80 would garner a 5 star, anything between a 79-76 would garner a 4 star and 3*s would come in below a 75 so on and so forth. The best players in college football would creep up closer to 99. These are ratings based on what a player currently is, not what they will necessarily become. Quarterback: Jake Fromm (77) - 6’1 / 229 - Houston County - It seems to be that Fromm’s number one attribute for those that have met him, are his leadership skills. Not to be underestimated, but for someone that hasn’t personally met him, that is hard to judge or quantify. What I do know about him is that he has been throwing the rock and throwing it well for a competitive South Georgia team for a few years now. What most impresses me about Fromm’s arm talent is his accuracy with the deep ball. He puts a decent amount of loft on the ball, but not too much to where it hangs up for the DB to make a play on it. His deep ball is also a two sided coin. Most of his yardage comes on the deep ball where he can let his superior receivers beat a Corner and run under the ball. He’s not playing for Baylor at the next level so he will have to learn timing and touch on a ton more routes. Asfar as this storyline that Eason is the next Stafford and Fromm is the next Murray is a bit blown out of proportion. Murray was one of the most polished, prepared, and successful high school quarterbacks to come out of Florida. I think Fromm can become agreat Quarterback for Georgia and even possibly lead them to some SEC Championships during his tenure, but he won’t beat out Eason and he isn’t arriving to UGA with the expectations that Murray had, at least in my mind. About 6 years ago their was a story on one of these websites talking about who the best QBs to ever come through the Elite 11 circuits were. Stafford was #2, Murray was #1. UGA Depth Chart - Eason (83) Runningback: D’Andre Swift (77) - 5’9 / 222 - St. Joseph’s - Runningback in my opinion, is the easiest position to scout. You find the most freakish athlete, you see who can run through a hole, and then you see who can make people miss one way or another. What I see here is a guy who can find a hole, make some guys missin small places, but I don’t see a freakish athlete. Swift’s highlights are impressive. He’s a stout guy with a low center of gravity, but runs a little higher than you would like to see to maximize that bowling ball style. He has some long speed to pick up chunk yardage, but I wouldn’t expect him to reel off many 25+ yard runs against SEC competition. The best thing he’s got going for him is he can make guys miss in small spaces. He has great lateral agility and for a guy you have to square up tobring down, he’s going to make a lot of guys just slide off. Continuing the theme from the QB position, D’Andre Swift is not Nick Chubb. That is an unfair comparison for almost anyone. What Swift is, is a guy who can find a hole that is blocked for him, hit it hard and pick up some consistent yards after contact. Don’t expect a Heisman campaign, don’t expect a future top 2-3 round draft pick, but if he can stay healthy the offensive line we are building should help him produce a quality career. UGA Depth Chart - Elijah Holyfield (78) Wide Receiver: Mark Webb (77) - 6’2 / 195 - Archbishop Wood - Webb is my favorite receiver of the group. He has good, but not spectacular size. He’s a hands catcher and can adjust to the ball in the air. He is quicker than fast and I think he’s a prototypical #2 receiver. I wish we had a true standout stud to highlight this group but I think Webb has a high career floor and will be the first to contribute. Jeremiah Holloman (76) 6’2 / 195 -Covington HS - All you can really see on tape is the height weight and speed compared to his competition. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd rather have big, strong fast receivers than short, weak, slow ones. Then again he's 6'2 / 195 so he's not a colossus on the outside either. He reminds me a bit of Jayson Stanley coming out of Creekside before his injury. Jayson was physically imposing against high school competition but he hasn't yet been able to translate that into his college game yet. These guys look like receivers that Auburn would want. They can catch a screen and run, they can block on the outside, and sometimes they will slip the defense for a deep ball. Matt Landers (75) - 6’5 / 182 - St. Petersburg HS - Clearly the biggest Wide Receiver we signed, Landers doesn’t have the whole package. He struggles to track the ball, he struggles to adust to the ball, he struggles to catch the ball over much smaller corners making what should be uncontested catches, contested. He is faster thanI thought he was initially, so physically he’s what you want. If he doesn’t improve the non-physical aspects of the game however, he won’t be making too many plays at UGA. Trey Blount (74) - 6’2 / 185 - Pace Academy - Blount has good size, but he doesn’t always play a big man’s game. I don’t see the same ball skills as Webb or the athleticism of Holloman. I don’t see an explosive receiver and he will have to perfect the details of the position if he wants to be a productive Wide Receiver at this level. UGA Depth Chart - Tyler Simmons (76) , Riley Ridley (78) , Terry Godwin (83)


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