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  • BrianDawg

    Thanks for your comment.

    Appreciate all the information you provide

    Sometimes in the forum I feel like we as DAWG fans we are missing how special this time actually might be - we need to appreciate what we have - I’ve been a dawg fan for 42 years - and there has not been a time I can think of where recruiting coaching and talent were so high - now need to show it on the field. But still a great time to be a DAWG

    January 12
  • deutcshland_dawg

    December 2018
  • deutcshland_dawg

    Feel bad about bugging you again but it seems to be just me and you on here at the moment. A couple days ago I posted about a Nick Chubb Nesting Doll set I found in the Czech Republic in this tiny store. It was all hand painted and when you open it up it has Sony Michel, Terry Godwin, Hot Rod and Javon Wims as the smaller dolls inside Nick's. One of the other forum members is best friends with Hot Rod's brother and told me his brother wants to surprise Hot Rod and his family with a set. I don't know if your going to care but I'm super excited to be able to do this for Hot Rod. His brother gave me his contact info and we started chatting about getting Hot Rod a set. I told his brother I am going to go back to the Czech Republic as soon as I can to get as many as I can for him and try to get contact info from the store so they can order more if they want to. Don't know why but I gotta share this with other Dawg fantics, i am absolutely giddy for this oppurtinity to give back to the team.

    December 2018
    • SoFL_Dawg
      That’s awesome you should share photos. Would make a great gift.
    • deutcshland_dawg
      Once I get the contact info I will. I don't have the time to run to Prague to get sets for everyone interested. I can send you some pics if you want.
    • SoFL_Dawg
      Yeah I’d like to see thanks