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  • CHS_DawgFan

    @SoFL_Dawg I hate you left. You had every right to. Always been extremely grateful for your inputs. I seldom post because I was taught if I don’t have anything of value to offer then to be still. That said, in the event that you start something new I would be extremely grateful if you’d allow me to read. I am not sure if you’ll even get this message. However, in the event that you do and wouldn’t mind, I’d sincerely appreciate it. If not, I totally get it. Go Dawgs. You’ll be missed.

    September 30
  • CheeseDawg

    Just a lowly lurker here. I want you to know you are the reason I read the next to commit thread EVERY day. Multiple times a day. You and Jeff are the reasons this was (sadly was) the best on the ‘net for Dawg insight and updates. I haven’t been back to the thread since you left except to find this way to tell you that you are very appreciated and I have to believe I’m not the only lurker or non-lurker who sincerely thanks you for ALL you have done. Please don’t let a self-righteous a-hole get to you. You are well respected and appreciated. Thank you again and I hope we are able to hear from you again.

    September 29
  • Odin

    I guess my post was more about the MODS. I've had issues with them for years. I've become a grad like 8 times after they zapped me. Can't stand them.

    September 23
    • SoFL_Dawg
      I get it.
    • Kasey
    • judasdurant
      Hey Kasey no one comes to this board for the mods get off your high horse and maybe try adding a single thing to this board. Good job helping drive wway our best source
    • ghostofuga1
      One of those "Oops....thought the wall was private.." moments.
    • Kasey
      maybe one day sofl_dawg will see this and say how he's cool with me. oh wait...you wont' get to see it since you've been banned.
  • tcdawg94

    Hey man, I hate to see you go. I agree with you most of the time and even when I disagree, I respect your opinions. I hope you reconsider, but I understand if you don't. Thank you for your contributions!

    September 27
  • Odin

    Please keep me in your loop. Won't say ****. I'm pissed you are going.

    September 27
  • BoroDawg

    Typical of your type to resort to insults. I’m disappointed in your response, thought you could come with something much better than that. You told me if I “truly understood the game” I would understand Game management. More of your unfounded arrogance. You called out the most knowledgeable football mind on this board. Pathetic.

    September 27
  • SwiftyMan

    Killing me with all the projected class stuff. Miss you on the GroupMe Dawgchat.

    5 silents and not including Mims, Green, TID?

    can you throw a Dawg a bone? Any chance we get Barrett Carter? Surely we don’t take more than 2 DTs

    my 25 is wrong as I have and didn’t get rid of any


    Korey Foreman

    Amarius Mims

    Brock Vandagriff

    Maason Smith

    Smael Mondon

    Donovan Edwards

    Micah Morris

    Xavian Sorey

    Nyland Green

    David Daniel

    Dylan Fairchild

    Brock Bowers

    Shemar Turner

    Lovasea Carroll

    Jonathan Jefferson

    Terrion Arnold

    Jamon Dumas-Johnson

    Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins

    De'Jahn Warren

    Chaz Chambliss

    Adonai Mitchell

    Jared Wilson

    Marlin Dean

    Javon Bullard

    Jackson Meeks

    September 16
  • MacDawg15

    Hey brother! Hope all's well. Tell the ms that we appreciate her letting us borrow you for an hour or two each day lol. I know u get bombarded with questions man. I try to read the tea leaves on each guy but I'm bout to go crazy trying to see where we stand with Arnold rn. Anything you can share on him bud? Chances in the very end?

    September 14
  • dawgfantampa

    Hey man, mad respect for your takes and stance on this forum. I’ve wondered for the last couple of years which company u work for. I worked Med device in Fl for about 20 years, mostly out of Tampa (Helped coach at Plant, right after Aaron Murray and Odeon Charles left). Last 3 years I’ve been in Atl (where I grew up) working for Silk Road Medical. I’m betting we at least know some of the same folks. Anyways, always look fwd to the info u share, and your insights. Go Dawgs!

    September 12
  • SwiftyMan

    Curious to know what you hear about Newman?

    is either Mathis or Daniels clear to play?

    September 2
  • OmahaDAWG

    Hi SOFL_Dawg,

    just saying hello and Thank You for all you do for this board. I live in Omaha but from GA. Huge Dawg Fan. My wife and I are at Marco Island so I thought I give you a hello!

    Thanks for your updates. You and Jeff S are why I’m such an avid follower of this site.


    August 9