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  • MeR3htid

    It was Dell McGee who saved his career and probably his life. Dell McGee was his High School coach at Carver High in Columbus and if it weren't for him sticking with the kid (Who apparently didn't have any other Father figure) Crowell would probably be in a really bad place right now.

    October 19
  • kelly_b

    Hey WC - Man, I stayed up here as late as I could here in Paris, but finally gave in. I'm so proud of our Braves. Now let's see how aggressive our GM is. I think he's a good one.

    October 9
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    October 2
  • MeR3htid

    Exactly how much time you figure he's got? U still got Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, LSU and then presumably Bama in the SEC Championship Game so u r gonna have to b STELLAR at the QB position to survive that gauntlet with just 1 loss (BEFORE BAMA) I'm totally convinced that this QB situation is gonna get mighty interestingvin the next few games and the coaching staff is absolutely gonna play the best man. Is Jake really STELLAR?

    September 29
  • MeR3htid

    Yeah obviously we're gonna need them both, but by the end of the year he's gonna have to be a major weapon for us to help unlock this offenses full potential with his ability to hurt defenses with his legs and by being able to stretch the field vertically. Fromm probably does start the rest of this year but if he's(Fields) not starting next year he's gone, probably to Auburn. He.'s no DJ Shockley

    September 22
  • MeR3htid

    Sorry, target the TEs more.

    September 19
  • MeR3htid

    Yeah he's hearing some serious footsteps and they'll only get louder as Fields grows into his massive potential, but we can't afford for Jake to b out there pressing though, just needs to relax and have fun playing football. And yeah, target Anita more often.

    September 19
  • MeR3htid

    Yeah, I guess I may have reached a bit comparing him to Brees but he has excellent size, can make every throw, throws with timing and anticipation and won't b intimidated by the size and speed of pro defensive fronts which I hear was David Greene's undoing. Looks the part of a future pro to me.

    September 19
  • MeR3htid

    Okay sometimes I forget that CKS and CMT cross trains guys so God Forbid something happens to Reed or LeCounte we'll b covered. But I noticed in the Freshman report after last Saturday's game that neither Brini or Bishop played and that raises all kinds of alarms in my head. Look for Kirby to sign AT LEAST 1 blue chip Safety in the 2019 class.

    September 19
  • MeR3htid

    Good point. And the final score matters, and having more points at the end of the game leads to SACKED opponents.

    September 18
  • MeR3htid

    My sincere apologies for the earlier error about the Fromm pick. The 1st turnover was a fumble that wasn't his fault. On the pick KIRBY intimated that it was a poor decision by Fromm .Fromm needs to relax and play his game because he should b carving people up like Drew Brees, not trying to b a dual threat and trying to emulate TRUE DT QBs is what will lead to those kinds of turnovers and against Bama that's 6 and that's the ballgame. It'll b pretty safe to start looking over your shoulders then if you're Fromm.

    September 17