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    Thanks man, I by no means think a change at QB would be beneficial to Georgia. I know we can win with Fromm and I'm a big believer in the kid though he seems to have lost a little confidence in himself. He had a terrible game last week and I expect him to rebound strong in Jacksonville next week but Justin Fields doesn't need to be rotting away on the bench when I believe (Not that anyone cares) that Fields can help us win a game if Jake has a bad 1st half. Not advocating for a switch which some posters think I'm doing just saying this kid needs the training wheels taken off before he takes off.

    October 18
  • MeR3htid

    No, with the functional depth that we have on the O-Line I don't c any reason to rush him back especially with Mays doing a terrific job filling in. I just hope he can make it back by Bowl season and I would think he's taking mental reps and attending all O-Line meetings but nothing that would compromise his recovery timeline whatever that is.

    October 18
  • MeR3htid

    Good question and 1 that I am woefully underqualified to answer, but we have a supposedly elite coaching staff that is getting paid an awful lot of money to figure these things out and for the sake of a return trip to Atlanta (For the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) and another shot at Alabama (Which I think I know they want) I hope they figure it out soon.

    October 14
  • MeR3htid

    A mistake, sorry I don't know where good mistake came from.

    October 11
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    If Fromm stays 4 years and Fields takes a redshirt next year then he (Fields)can start 2 years but if he can't beat out Fromm next year I think taking a redshirt is the way to go. Unfortunately, some of these kids don't have the patience to wait their turn so if he loses the battle next Summer he'll likely take his talents elsewhere which I think would be a good a mistake.

    October 11
  • MeR3htid

    Guess Kirby needs to poach Bamas WRs coach then huh?

    October 2
  • MeR3htid


    October 1
  • MeR3htid

    I'm sure he would be welcomed back. They r unquestionably a better team with both guys available but Bryant needs to understand that Lawrence would probably beat out 95% of the returning starters in CFB at some point because Lawrence (Like our Justin Fields) is just a FREAK man and Dabo was 100% right to name him the starter. So yeah, I think once his (Bryants) bruised feelings r healed and he looks at the bigger picture maybe he swallows his ego and jumps back on board in a support role that he's more suited for and maybe get a National Championship (Doubtful with Bama out there but possible) to boot. AND those lifelong Clemson connections. DONT THROW IT AWAY KID.

    September 30
  • MeR3htid

    My point is he needs to be true to who he is cause he's pretty **** good. If he gets out of character by trying to prove that he can do all the things that Fields can it'll lead to the kind of mistakes like the pick he threw against MTSU. Jake Fromm circa 2017 throws that ball away. Jake Fields (Just being funny) circa 2018 tries to show his detractors that he can sling it on the run with the best of them (He can't) throws a pick trying to prove a point. U can get away with that against the likes of MTSU or even Saturday against Missouri but not against the best teams in this conference starting Oct 13th. If he's gonna make those types of Freshman mistakes (Which he didn't even do last year) and it cost them a big game, his grip on the QB1 gig will loosen CONSIDERABLY. Love to hear your thoughts.

    September 20