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  • MeR3htid

    Man that nonsense about trading Kirby for Richt shouldnt b dignified with an answer. Dude trippin.

    December 2
  • Dawgfood

    It would be nice 2 get the 1st natty in over 30 years. U really think Fromm can get us there?

    November 3
  • MeR3htid

    Oh man I'm sorry, Buck Belue played QB for Georgia back in the late 70s - Early 80s. He was the QB on Georgias 1980 National Championship Team. Not Herschel Walker. He threw the Touchdown pass to beat the Gators in 1979 to save the season, NOT ZAMIR WHITE. Cool. 😎😎😎

    October 24
  • MeR3htid

    Yeah but we're getting into the meaty part of the schedule and I'm not sure either guy is getting better as Kirby loves to say "Jake is gonna make Justin better and Justin is gonna make Jake better," Well for sure I don't c ANY improvement in Fields because we're afraid to let him use his arms or his legs. In other words he's REALLY not a factor and probably won't b THIS YEAR which I'm sure Dan Mullen, Gus Malzahn, and Kentucky's HC r really thankful for. I'm sure Ed Orgeron has already sent CKS a Thank You note for SAVING Fields for down the road and allowing Jake Fromm to fall all over himself for the 1st time on a big stage and I'm sure Paul Johnson would love to play a Georgia team that is perfectly willing to holster 1 of the more dynamic players on the team for the sake of, uh, for the sake of, well, I really don't get the reason 🤔🤔🤔. As for Fromm, I'm still all in with him to START but if he struggles again in Jacksonville this season probably ends in disappointment.

    October 21
  • MeR3htid

    No, we have the right guy but I think some of us (sometimes me included) forget that he's a 3rd yr HC and think he's supposed to bat a 1,000% on every recruit, every play call (offensively and defensively) and probably what the halftime routine for the Redcoat band should b and I'm probably not exaggerating by muc. But Kirby is gonna win BIG and he's gonna win BIG for a long time but he is a 42 or 43 yr old 3rd year HC so a little patience and perspective is needed. Unfortunately some of us don't have either and that's not fair to CKS. Personally I hope he's here for 20 yrs and wins 4 or 5 Nattys and I honestly think that he will. GO DAWGS!!!

    October 20
  • MeR3htid

    Thanks man, I by no means think a change at QB would be beneficial to Georgia. I know we can win with Fromm and I'm a big believer in the kid though he seems to have lost a little confidence in himself. He had a terrible game last week and I expect him to rebound strong in Jacksonville next week but Justin Fields doesn't need to be rotting away on the bench when I believe (Not that anyone cares) that Fields can help us win a game if Jake has a bad 1st half. Not advocating for a switch which some posters think I'm doing just saying this kid needs the training wheels taken off before he takes off.

    October 18
  • MeR3htid

    No, with the functional depth that we have on the O-Line I don't c any reason to rush him back especially with Mays doing a terrific job filling in. I just hope he can make it back by Bowl season and I would think he's taking mental reps and attending all O-Line meetings but nothing that would compromise his recovery timeline whatever that is.

    October 18